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VS 2015 – Show 1: Men like to boast apparently

How to achieve sexual harmony in marriage vs Bongos Jocko Bozo – The Firemen Agitated – The Electric Eels Hilton Bomber – Thought Criminals Diseases – Thrush and the C*nts Sick of myself – Primitive Calculators This is not about us – Kindness Silver – Caribou Lord of the Flies – Demis Roussos Whole Lotta […]

Hello, Goodbye: Best of 2014

A year of unexpected albums from artists assumed retired, farewell albums from others, and slimmer pickings for new artists: that’s DJ SCSI’s 2014. In a year which found your correspondent DJ coming and going from every continent, quite often the best place to be was a couch at home, headphones optional. All round: Classical album […]

VS 2014 Show 2 – in the RAAAAWWWWW

This week get rough, we get tough, we get nude, we get…in the raaaaawwwwwww!!! Each week we produce a show you generally get to see our tender and sensitive side. Kurac is the softie of the bunch, picking petunias in the park to take on his regular tour of old persons homes and animal shelters. […]

Twenty Thirteen: Fear, Uncertainty, Disco

Twenty thirteen, all secrets and spying, disco and dancing. We begin with new work by cellist Oliver Coates, the PRAH label’s debut release. Don’t be fooled, it starts quiet but does’t stay that way for long. The Knife put on one of the most baffling shows of the year (imagine, “and now, the solid gold […]


VS 2013 #4 – The correct use of shovels

It is tradition, at this time of the year to wish others well, to celebrate the success and ponder the failures of yet another year in our lives.  To share gifts, to kiss under the mistletoe and to have sex with Santa.  So this year, we took turns to give Santa the present he so richly deserves. […]

Wide Open Sodomy #2 – Twerking at the black moon

And the challenge was brought forth, steeped in time and darkness. ancient forces have aligned Hughes of Dick, Flarrety of Bruce, the bizarre Adrian Guineas and the man in black, Kal – E- daaaaaaaaaaa. Paths were sown, crops were concreted and destiny was a bad Jackson 5 album. He of the early curleyness sought to […]

VS 1984: Revenge of the Nerds

1984. What a magical year. Kurac opened the batting for Australia against a depleted Indian side celebrating the Golden Jubilee of the Ranji Trophy. SCSI was apparently listening to hours of Dutch Happy hardcore and Ringfinger, well, to be fair to him, much of those days are still covered by the Official Secrets Act, the […]