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VS presents Soundtracks and other Expletives – There is no such thing as death

With VS into pretty much entering an eternal hiatus that even the best surgeon would be able to fix up, Soundtracks and Other Expletives returns to its rightful place as your home of radio oddity. Brought to you from the darkest recesses of the mind of DJ Ringfinger, SaOE started life long before either SCSI-b […]

VS 2015 – Boogaloo (translation: ˌbuːɡəˈluː/)

ENOCH LIGHT lights the fire of Dr Liswood (aka 16 orgasms) Driving Stupid – Fast City! Hammersmith Gorillas – You really got me The Blackbirds – She Rev C.L Franklin – I am going through part 1 Rusty Adams – If Jesus played guitar Irene Ryan – Granny’s Mini Skirt Leona Williams – Country girl […]

VS 2012 Show 4 – There is no God

After many hours (nee days) of praying, gesticulating, prostrating and bleeding, the VS team have finally been convinced that it is our hold duty to make another show. Each time, after the pain and suffering that comes from making such beasts with three backs, we head into the desert to contemplate. We reflect on our […]

V.S 2012 Show 2 – Ego is not a dirty word

VS 2012 is back for another show. They said we’d never make it, but finally we pulled through. Yes, we can’t believe it! The most amazing thing has happened. Our second show!! Well, we’d like to thank WhatYouWant Radio, and Jebus, and Blowfly and, yes, how could I forget, us. We rock. Ego is not […]