Wide Open Sodomy #2 – Twerking at the black moon


And the challenge was brought forth, steeped in time and darkness. ancient forces have aligned

Hughes of Dick, Flarrety of Bruce, the bizarre Adrian Guineas and the man in black, Kal – E- daaaaaaaaaaa.

Paths were sown, crops were concreted and destiny was a bad Jackson 5 album.

He of the early curleyness sought to wreck vengeance upon a giant ring finger.


Black White

Evil Good

Bush Gore

Abe Richard

Scooby Doo

Velma — ohhh, velma

This is Wide Open Sodomy vs Curley
May the best gold encrusted digit…WIN

Wide Open Sodomy #2 – Twerking at the black moon by Djringfinger on Mixcloud


In Black and White
A Walk in the Black Forest – Horst Jankowski
WBF intro/I am an asswhipe
Noir C’est Noir – Johnny Hallyday
Paint it Black – The Syssys
Marie doceur-marie colere – Marie Laforet
Did god call the apostle paul to preach to the black man (A.A Allen) vs Black magic woman (Ralf Kuhn)
The Black Hole – New Christs
Black Hole Sun – Steve Lawrence and Edyie Gorme
Black Mule – GW McLennan
I fear the Night – Otto Cesana
Fear (late at night) – Exploding White Mice
Have you dug his scene? – Yaphet Kotto
Blahniks, Broadway and Balls (This is not a response about colour) – A Sad Waltz in D-Minor
Black Juju – Roland S Howard and Lydia Lunch



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