This week get rough, we get tough, we get nude, we get…in the raaaaawwwwwww!!! Each week we produce a show you generally get to see our tender and sensitive side. Kurac is the softie of the bunch, picking petunias in the park to take on his regular tour of old persons homes and animal shelters. SCSI-b donates all her old cables to green charities to ensure the planet can breathe through all the smoke rising from bombed jihadi terror camps and Ringfinger is just a cruel bastard at the best of times. He trains flies to pull the wings off other flies. It is just simply too hard to watch.

We start this show with a trip beyond with Christian comedian who is a preacher from Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada who grew up as a son of a preacher. The whole record is about his crime streak and how our Lord Jesus eventually saved him. The record sounds with some great psych guitar which we have overlaid with the sounds of Lightnin’ Red and his Freaky Friday freakfest. Really. It is that good. Next up we move into the tracks that Kurac lays down at his weekly ballroom dancing and bingo evening that he DJs at in the Ron Barrassi Memorial Multi-Function Hall at the Bernard King retirement village in Bognor. Why they named the home and its features after Australian famous people of the seventies is anyones guess. We start with Mono 45/upm – Romantic Adieu, bienvennue réalité which is a rare piece of French new wave/electro from 1979. Of course, Kurac has the original vinyl, which is played here in all its 320kps glory. Flac, MOFO, flac! From Niger we have pioneering electronica by Mamman Sani Abdullaye who released this track in 1978 on his only record. Once again, Kurac took crate digging to the EXTREME by spending three years in Niger as a aid worker and doctor just to find this record. Amazing commitment. Finally we have
Kitchen & the Plastic Spoons with their track Happy Funeral. According to this new fangled electronic Encyclopaedia Brittanica, they are an experimental synthesizer based punk band from Sweden, formed “by pure fun” in the spring of 1980. The group disbanded in November 1981. Before disbanding, they released two singles and three tracks for compilation albums. Since disbanding, their songs have become well sought-after by collectors of punk, gothic rock, deathrock and art punk music. Like Kurac. Accessible and popularist all at once.

Right, this track is new, like from yesterday, the first track from the new release by Thom Yorke called Tomorrow’s Modern Boxes. It is released via bittorrent and costs a measly $6. Keep breaking the internet dude, go on. Just be careful cuz Kim Dotcom will come after you, just like he did John Key in NZ. Blam! Yes I went there, I made a New Zealand election joke and I ain’t even a kiwi. Ground breaking. Next up is as remix of the classic sixties french stomper Psyche Rock by Urusla 1000 from 2000 and we wrap up that set with Jungle and their SCSI-b selected track Busy Earnin’.

Right, we have tried to tell him that his musical interludes are not welcome. That they sound like fart sounds coming out of a garage band app on his grotty iPad. We even told him no matter how many times he gets Flea to lay down a bassline, he is still NOT COOL. But Ringfinger keeps coming back with more. This time he drops a brand new dance floor stomper called ‘A little more tight, a little more tense, a little more taunt’ which features some 1970s relaxation instructions found on a random unlabelled tape in an charity store. He paid 25 cents for it and we reckon he was taken for a ride. Anyway, this we promise is that last time we let his crap on the airwaves, until next Thom Yorke, until next time. Bwaaahhhhaaaaaaaaaaaahahahah

Time to kick out the jams now with the Hi Sheriffs of Blue and their track Ain’t but sweet 16. Released in 1980, this flash of New York no wave is also played direct from the Kurac family vault of vinyl. Next up two tracks that by thend of them if you can remember anything through the bleeding eardrums then you are a better man than me Charlie Brown. The Butcher Shop was a short-lived Australian band on the Black Eye label and featured none other than Tex Perkins on vocals. We map that next to the mighty Lubricated Goat with a track off their debut album from 1988 called In the Raw. Watch the clip, you see naughty bits. This caused quite a stir on Aussie TV back in the eighties. Most kids remember it. A band, playing nude, on the ABC. Shock! Horror!

Lets take it home now, SCSI-b drops her latin roots again with Los Fabulosos Cadillacs and El Matador. Would you believe they are an Argentinian ska band. No, really! Next up the Pixies from Surfer Rosa with Vamos. And finally, we have a Kurac-led send off that he chose especially for you. Black Randy and the Metrosquad was a punk rock and joke band from the late 1970s and early 1980s in the Los Angeles punk scene. They gained notoriety not only for their surreal and smutty sense of humour, but also for their amalgamation of proto-punk, 1970s porn, pop, and avant-garde music (yes, I stole that from the World Book of Punk online edition, called Wikipedia I think).

Thats us done for another month or so. KURACSCSIB&RINGFINGER OUT!

Brian Rudd – From a bum trip to..the trip beyond vs The super guitar of Lightnin’ Red doing Funky Friday and Caravan
Mono 45/upm – Romantic Adieu, bienvennue réalité
Mamman Sani Abdullaye – kobon lerai
Kitchen & the Plastic Spoons – Happy Funeral
Thom Yorke – Bottle in a brain
Pierre Henry – Psyche Rock (remixed by Ursula 1000)
Jungle – Busy earnin’
DJ Ringfinger – A little more tight, a little more tense, a little more taunt
Hi Sheriffs of Blue – Ain’t but sweet 16
The Butcher Shop – Iron Pig
Lubricated Goat – In the Raw
Los Cadillacs – El Matador
Pixies – Vamos
Black Randy & Metrosquad – Trouble at the Cup

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