VS 2015 – Show 1: Men like to boast apparently


How to achieve sexual harmony in marriage vs Bongos
Jocko Bozo – The Firemen
Agitated – The Electric Eels
Hilton Bomber – Thought Criminals
Diseases – Thrush and the C*nts
Sick of myself – Primitive Calculators
This is not about us – Kindness
Silver – Caribou
Lord of the Flies – Demis Roussos
Whole Lotta Love – Dieter Zimmerman
Ne igram uz ritam taj – Boye
Citadel – Elektricni Orgazm
Just because I am not the man I used to be – Jim Richards
I remember Elvis Presley – Danny Mirror
Definitive History – Augie March
Bury Our Friends – Sleater Kinney

Well, the year was 2014 and we were so exhausted from the effort of bringing you one show and one best of 2014 (and SCSI-b did all the work for that one). We needed to take a sabbatical on the private VS island located in the Dutch Antilles (eiland veel sodomie). We needed to find our ‘zen space’. We needed to have Ringfinger deloused. Kurac needed to serve out his time as the Deputy Pope. So we now return refreshed and happy in 2015 with our first show of the year. And we start as we left off with the usual heady mix of innocently spoken word made dirty by the sexual grinding of lounge beats. This time we corrupt the engaging Dr Rebecca Liswood off her late sixties record ‘Hear how to achieve sexual harmony in marriage’ entangled with the fevered bongo magic of Les Baxter, Ringfinger is so infantile.

Next up two tracks from the diseased mind of Kurac. Jocko Bozo is a Devo cover from 1979 by the new wave band ‘The Firemen’ whose discography is shorter than SCSI-b’s. The Electric Eels were a Cleveland, OH band formed in the early 70s, who played only 5 live shows but had a reputation for violence that was second to none. This was a single put out in 1978 by Rough Trade.

We move onto Australian post-punk now. Naughty words abound in this set so those with sensitive dispositions, why are you listening to a show called Vinyl Sod…oh wait, I promised SCSI-b that it would remain just VS. Dang. The Thought Criminals are an amazing band out of Sydney in the late 1970s. All of their stuff is stupidly rare, but we have this original single called ‘Hilton Bomber’. For those Aussies amongst this song is about a bombing of the Sydney Hilton Hotel in 1978. The band featuring Roger Grierson, noted label and band manager reformed in 2006. Following that we have a track from the 1985 Australian movie soundtrack ‘Dogs in Space’ which was directed by Richard Lowenstein and starred Michael Hutchence. Thrush and the C*nts were part of the little band scence in Melbourne in the early eighties. The Little Band scene got its name from “Little Band nights”, gigs organised in Melbourne by members of Primitive Calculators. Thats why we play some Primitive Calculators and a new-ish song released in 2012. The other side references the previous band.

SCSI-b keeps it real now. She starts with the Kindness, which was one of her best of 2014 picks and then rockets into Caribou and a track from their 2014 LP ‘Our Love’. There ain’t much more to say there, these songs segue perfectly into the next set which starts with the Demis Roussos. Oh yes, we went there. This track is a masterful cut from 1971 and come just after the breakup of Aphrodite’s Child, the band Demis helmed with Vangelis. Yes, we went there as well. We follow this up with an incredibly funky cover of Whole Lotta Love by Led Zeppelin, orchestrated by the German baton wielder Dieter Zimmerman, which was released in 1971 on his ‘Meine Welt’ LP.

Boye were a Serbian (Yugoslavian) band from the late 1980s. Originating in Novi Sad, this track comes from their 78 record. According to Google Translate, the song title means ‘I don’t play with the Rhythm’. I will have to ask Kurac what it actually means. Next up we have another former Yugoslavian band, Električni Orgazam, this time from Belgrade, and a track from the 1983 Les Chansons Populaires covers LP. This cover of the Stones ‘Citadel’ is absolutely stinking. Right, coming to the end of the show and we take it down a bit now and time for some country music, this track being a perfect example of why country is a genre that never stops giving. We follow that up with an Elvis tribute by Dutch singer Danny Mirror, which apparently charted all across Europe in 1977. Linked by some of the simply transcendental ‘Having fun on stage with Elvis’ LP (for newbies this record is a spoken word album of all the weird stuff Elvis said between songs in his fat period – I first got a copy in 1989 and gave it Kurac. It has taken me until October 2014 to find a copy of my own, which I did in Washington DC). SCSI-b takes us home with the new Augie March and the new Sleaster Kinney, both unexpected treats at the end of 2014.

Well, that is it for us, we shall see you in 2016, after we have recovered from this amazing effort.

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