VS 2015 Show 2 – The impossible and the (highly) illogical


Working at a near record pace and delivering to you radio that will at best blow your mind and at worst, will blow, the VS krew (Hey! You!) have produced Show Number Deux for the 2015. Featuring the combined might and power of SCSI-b, Kurac and we let Ringy over there have a track or two because we feel sorry for him/her. If we keep it up at this pace, world hunger, peace, stability and love in the Middle East and dealing with the vexing issue of Zayn leaving One Direction is not beyond our grasp to sort (VS OUT!)


Come back Zayn……!

So, what’s on this show? Let’s start with some found answering machine tape that describes almost all of our Saturday nights. In fact, it could be ours. Notice, we don’t use our real names. Huh? yeah..now you are getting it. SCSI-b is Chris, Kurac is the drunk chick and Ringfinger? He stole the tape. Next up, some Bollywood passion from Ashraf and Akhtar from the Finders Keepers record, Disco Dildar. Copied mercilessly from the site is this nugget of info… “‘Disco Dildar’ features rare plugged-in proxy pop from some of the country’s lesser-known teen flicks spanning the late 1970s and 80s featuring drum heavy disco guesstimates built around multilingual lyrics celebrating Saturday nights, Disco Dildars and Hindustani Hogmanays”. Next up is Inflatable Boy Clams, some minimalist SF freak funk from the 80s. Change of pace, with SCIS-b bringing some sense back to proceedings with the marvellous Father John Misty, which Ringfinger vaguely suggests is influenced by the next Elton John track from the Tumbleweed Connection LP 1970. German legend and frequent performer on the original VS from the last century, Udo Lindenberg drops this track from ‘Lindenberg’ LP of 1971, a rarer piece of kraut. Onto the Beatles next and two country covers, one by the best GWB impersonator in the business, the mighty Buck Owens. From his 1976 LP ‘Buck’em’ we have Lady Madonna. Then the amazing gene Clark doing the 1970 Beatles classic ‘Don’t Let Me Down’. Now, in celebration of the UK election and the hopeful defeat of UKIP we bring you three tracks that break down the cultural barriers of Europe better than Guy Sebastian ever could (Google it bitches). First up from the former Yugoslavia (selected by Kurac whose knowledge of the region knows no bounds) we have Zlatni Akordi ‎with the Who classic Moja Generacija, next up, an Italian cover of the Spencer Davis song ‘Gimme Some Lovin’ and finally back the Balkans with Tomi Sovilj i njegove Siluete and his cover of Wooly Bully called Vule Bule. The Jugotron label is veritable goldmine of classic stuff which we have featured on this very show. Watch out for more. Promise.

Right, let’s take this mother home. Right Can, nuff said. Hunters and Collectors were an Australian band from the early eighties who tried to become popular and wrote songs that were used to advertise the football. It worked. But nothing beats this slab of Krautrock influenced mastery from 1982. produced by the masterful Tony Cohen, this started a run of some really great records produced at Conny Planks studio in Cologne, Germany. There is a great film clip by the acclaimed Richard Lowenstein below.

Next up is the track ‘Hunters and Collectors’ by Can, which like derr, they used for their name. Finally, we round out with a track by the late Leonard Nimoy which Ringfinger used to play all the time back in the day on his SF radio show ‘Smeg Radio’. I love this song so much. It is such a lovely piece of weird pop with mixed characterisation and almost Monkees like glee. Finally, SCSI-b expresses her inner hiphop with the reformed D’Angelo.

That’s it peeps. Listen. Tell your friends. Sell your mother. Live the dream and refuse to see 1D until Zayn is back. Peace out.

I am coming for my things, I need my things gets ORGANIZED
M.Ashraf & Nahid Akhtar – Too Hai Phool Main Dal
Inflatable Boy Clams – Skeletons
Father John Misty – Bored with the USA
Elton John – Talking Old Soldiers
Udo Lindenberg – We’ve had our time
Buck Owens – Lady Madonna
Dillard and Clark – Don’t Let Me Down
Zlatni Akordi – My Generation
xx maurizio – t’amo de morire
Tomi Sovilj i njegove Siluete – Vule Bule
Can – Vitamin C
Hunters and Collectors – Talking to a Stranger
Can – Hunters and Collectors
Leonard Nimoy – Highly Illogical
D’Angelo and the Vanguard – It’s Done (Tutu)


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