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I tried to think through some clever and witty comeback about why the show had vanished for such a long time. I went through alien conspiracies, Brexit, Boris as foreign secretary or other such clearly made up nonsense (the UK voting to leave the EU, how incredibly implausible…) I could even tell you that Kurac, SCSI-b and I were all in the same country, at the same time, eating sausage, drinking beer and seeing Michel Polnareff and we still didn’t get off our fat arses to do even do a promo. There are two reasons for this. One, this show runs on not caring about it very much. We have been doing it now for 10 years and I bet none of us could remember anything about previous shows. Go on, quiz them. I dare you. We were drunk mainly. Listen to SCSI-b, she is a total lush. And two, we just kind of forgot amongst the beer, the sausages and the Polny. #soz

Right, so let’s get into August and VS 2016 and reacquaint ourselves with the show and what we stand for. VS is the polite name for something else entirely which SCSI-b refuses to let us use. So we start the show with an explanation. Just a quick hint, the V stands for VINYL. Next up we have a curio about why you should just say no. Actually, the next song is also a good reason to just say no as well, with Bobby Jimmy and Critters rapping about going to the toilet. Bobby Jimmy is aLos Angeles comedy rap group from the late ’80s. One of the Critters was the Arabian Prince. His 1986 Macola album spent one week at the very bottom of the LP charts. This song didn’t chart at all. Can’t imagine why.

Introducing VS for the beginner (Who’s sorry now?)
Virginity Disease
Bobby Jimmy and the Critters – Gotta Potty

Next up MACHO and their cover of the Spencer Davis Group Classic ‘I’m a Man’, all 10 minutes of it. Produced in 1978 by an Italian singer called Marzio Vincenzi, this signified the birth of incredibly popular Rosco movement (a mix of rock and disco). Transformed music forever that movement did, along with Kanye. Next up is another long one, this time from Venezuela and a track from the 1976 compile Música De La Película Soy Un Delincuente, which is worth a little bit (£250 plus) but I will leave to SCSI-b to pronounce. Get the new Soul Jazz compile (Venezuela 70) for a lot less.

Macho – I’m a Man
Miguel Angel Fuster – Polvo Lunar

Next up is the SCSI-b Brexit set, starting with a track from the new Radiohead slab. She saw them in Amsterdam in late May and she was entranced. Mainly by the colour of Ed’s shirt, how Jonny now longer need his RSI wristband and how Thom’s dad dancing was just making everyone embarassed. Oh, she kinda enjoyed the show as well. A LOT. Palace Winter are a Danish/Australian hybrid based in Copenhagen. This is from their 2016 LP Waiting for the World to Turn.

Radiohead – The Numbers
Palace Winter – What happened

I used to see this record in Ashwoods and Lawsons in Sydney all the time. It was almost as cheap as buying Pavlovs Dog or Rodriguez records back in the eighties. This is from their 1979 self-titled record, which now doesnt seem to be everywhere for a dollar. Damned hipsters and their record collecting. Just buy copies of old Elton John LPs, they are un-dug psych masterpieces. Arses. Next up is Jonathan Richman off his 2nd LP from 1977, Rock and Roll with… This is a great LP with so much cool stuff on it, well picked Kurac

The Roches – Hammond Song
Jonathan Richman and the Modern Lovers – Dodge Veg-o-matic

Take us home DJ. We start with Sustayn. Wow. Really. Listen to the lyrics of the great song. It was found in attic of a record store in Leiden a few years back. I was attracted by the idea that any song could be called Hamburger cream. Sustayn are a Dutch prog rock band and this track comes from 1980, more choogling than noodling, it is a surprisingly good track. We stay Dutch for some reason and go with Drukwerk, a popular Dutch band from the eighties and their paen to the great Number 10 tram in Amsterdam. They are still playing this song today as festivals. Check it out on youtube.

Next up we have Bananarama with the Fun Boy Three doing an instrumental of all things from 1981. It was the b-side of their first single. And finally we have some Mambo funk from 2012, with Dr No and Cuban Mafia horn sectioning it up with their version of the James Bond theme.

Sustayn – Hamburger Cream
Drukwerk – Lijn 10
Bananarama – Give us back our cheap fares
Dr. No & The Cuban Mafia – 007 Mambo (Texas Toni Re-Edit)

Yup, that about does it boys and girls. VS out. See you next decade. Oh, and if you like the spoken word at the top, which is a Pent-R-Books, Inc. – Sexual Pleasures, a film recording from 1975, then DJ Ringfinger (in his guise as ‘A sad Waltz in D-Minor’ hacked some beats together and made this piece called “I wish my mood would mask more than tape”. It is from their Loss series, which you can watch and listen to the whole shebang by going to HERE

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