VS presents twentysixteen


Every year, we let DJ SCSI-b control the wheels of composite metals. Every year she forgets there is a space between the words twenty and the year. Every year we remind her. We buy her t-shirts, we meme at her with a badger on twitter. Kurac evens sends her an email. an EMAIL. You can’t get more adult than that.

So, 2016 hey? Pretty fucked, even from our VS paradise. I mean Zsa Zsa Gabor right? FFS, when does it end? Anyway, it is time for the show. Over to SCSI-b

Well, that was a year. Let’s get right to the music, shall we? I think we can all agree despite it all there was some very good music this year, so until 2017, enjoy.

Dot to Dot – Melt Yourself Down
Residual Tingles – The Gaslamp Killer
Uncertainty – Temples
Radio Silence – James Blake
Proclamation Day – Palace Winter
Pink + White – Frank Ocean
Light up the Sky – Bibio
Light Upon the Lake – Whitney
The Noisy Days are Over – Field Music
Ecos de Amor – Jesse y Joy
Cunumicita – Mala (Danitse)
Melatonin – A Tribe Called Quest
Words in my Head – Steve Mason
The Numbers – Radiohead


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