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As usual, Kurac and Ringy can’t be bothered listening to anything new. Any music since 1927 (the band and the year) has not been worth urinating on from a great height (from a great, great height). So, we leave it to our resident trendsetter, hipster and slow brew drip press filter coffee snob, SCSI-b
“Expressway to 2017 This year for the first time since starting this end of year thing, I was not in an office where I could listen to music. The results are obvious: I heard far, far less new stuff, missed my beloved KCRW dearly, and started tutting at any minute sound in the hallway. Sad! A theme this year? Not so much. Few songs from North America. Make of that what you will. This year’s ident theme on the BBC for Glastonbury kept making me go, “what IS that?” Lorde. Lorde!

our annual dose of Latin American in the middle, and no mistake Benjamin Biolay is singing in French but with added feature from Miss Bolivia. Bien. The latest Juanes has gone all Lemonade and is accompanied by a visual album. And lastly in this part, Residente (half of Calle 13) mixes Armenian vocals with a sombre reflection on “La guerra de noche y la guerra de día”. It may not have been the Puerto Rican song that got the most listens this year (that was Despacito of course, with 4.5 billion views on YouTube), but in a year when PR was hit by such a terrible disaster, it cetainly seems more meaningful. Kendrick up next with HUMBLE, whose refrain showed up earlier this year in response to all sorts of things on twitter: “Be humble. Sit down.” Many gifts for Radiohead fans this year, with the release of a 20th anniversary boxset for OK Computer, featuring three long-lost fan favourite tracks. This one used to be called “Big Boots” and first emerged as a contender for the Avengers soundtrack. Delightfully it hadn’t changed much. Pure Comedy didn’t quite reach the heights of I Love You Honeybear for me, but this one seemed to slot right into the social media fatigued climate this year. Last up, two tracks from bands from my hometown. It’s always nice when a band you thought long broken up puts out something new after a long break, thanks Sodastream. And I could not resist seeking out Pond after seeing the cover of The Weather at Rough Trade. Anyone who grew up in Perth in the 80s will instantly recognise it. The album is a concept album about the city, to boot, the boomtown and the mining companies, colonial history and the strange sense of isolation you always feel there. And a song about Tascam 388’s. I’ll be there in two days and can’t wait to be back. Until next year! Green Light – Lorde Waiting – Denitia Los pies helados – Juana Molina Pardonnez-moi – Benjamin Biolay (featuring Miss Bolivia) El Ratico – Juanes (featuring Kali Uchis) Guerra – Residente HUMBLE. – Kendrick Lamar Man of War – Radiohead Ballad of the Dying Man – Father John Misty Colouring Iris – Sodastream All I want for Christmas (is a Tascam 388) – Pond

We also mark the passing of the great, the brilliant, the completely outrageous but always cool Johnny Hallyday. Salut!



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