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VS presents Soundtracks and other Expletives – There is no such thing as death

With VS into pretty much entering an eternal hiatus that even the best surgeon would be able to fix up, Soundtracks and Other Expletives returns to its rightful place as your home of radio oddity. Brought to you from the darkest recesses of the mind of DJ Ringfinger, SaOE started life long before either SCSI-b or the other one were conceived and hatched. It was a late night wankfest on the home of hardcore (2RRR 88.5FM in Sydney) where Ringy read random snatches of writing, improvised drama, made weird beats with his old Motorola mobile communications device and made glitchy static sounds from an old boom box. This freakfest eventually became fabrication de bruit (which you can hear RIGHT HERE, which is a different motherfucker all together.

Fast forward to 2019, shit has been getting weird everywhere. A show that rides that weirdness and makes it a virtue is sadly lacking. So, I have decided to resurrect it. It will be the same as it always was, listenable and odd, from the fringe and bouncing back the centre, and it will also feature new tracks from the various bands that inhabit the inner workings of my laptop (this week featuring two tracks from A Sad Waltz in D-Minor, including the first new music from DR Ringfinger for almost three years. It’s subtle this time, well kind of).

The intro shit

You know that feeling you get when something is not quite right. When the corner of your eyes notice little flecks of black, dancing around with the movement of your retina.  The way you feel when you wake up in the morning and the dream you just had has left you feeling as upset or angry or embarrassed or sexy as you dreamed you had been just a few seconds before you woke up? When you know the song you are listening to misses the smallest half a beat that stops your feet tapping or your head from moving. When everything seems out of focus, the light is in the wrong place and the dark is exactly where you had left it yesterday?

This is Soundtracks and other Expletives. The podcast for those times when you are feeling two inches to the left of where you need to be, with your disjointed professor of the outside, Deejay Ring Finger at your disconnected service. Mama, come talk to me about your daughter by Gary Ferguson. Righteous.

Mama, come see ‘bout your daughter – Gary Ferguson
Locked in Freshness – Unreleased seventies porn music
Sequence three – Gianpiero and Gianfrnaco Reverberi

I wanna come back (from there world of LSD) – The Fe-Fi-Four plus Two
LSD partie – Roland Vincent
LSD et Système D – Gregory


Thank God there is no such thing as death – Sad Waltz in D.Minor
Dancing in Blood – Low
The Lord is out of control – Mogwai

Top Secret – Denise and the Beastie Girls
Yo-Yo Time – Gilbert and the Yo-Yo Gang
メビウスの恋人 Ushirogami Hikaretai
Young Man – Saijo Hideki

Les rubans et les cicatrices part un – Sad Waltz in D-Minor

Loss 6.7 Preludes Les Ruban et les cicatrices part un from DJ Ringfinger on Vimeo.

We have come close to what could be declared to be the end of the show. This has been Soundtracks and other expletives. Your ears have been regaled by the sounds of The Reverberi Brothers, Roland Vincent, Low, Mogwhy, Denise and the Beastie Girls and then some J Pop covering the Village People. As you do. As you were. We end this sonic nightmare with a track from the Sad Waltz in D-Minor sound art attack project called Loss and one of the preludes to the main song cycle. Righteous and dirty. Deejay Ringfinger, IN!

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