V.S Show 3 – You are welcome

Suck my Kurac

Welcome to VS 2012, Show number three. Retirement seemed like such a good idea at the time. We would put our feet up at the railing of our Queenslander up in the cane fields, we’d pop a XXXX and watch the sun set of over heat haze, whilst convoys of cattle would graze. A certain texture, that certain beat, brings home the nigh time heat.

Oh, you are not au fait with the Australian idiom? (or the lyrics of Gangajang??) Well, considering two of us live in Europe and SCSI has citizenship from Moldova (so ljucky!) we question whether in fact even we understand a word that was just said. So, I guess it means the retirement is over, the shoes are back on, the tinny is re-sealed and we break out the wheels of steel for another show.

Featuring French madness from actor Phillipe Nicaud, weird scat sounds from Janko Nilović coming to Paris via Montenegro and France via French Guiana with Henri Salvador, the first set ends with a tribute to the fashion hub of the world (no, not Miami, philistines!) , Carnaby Street, here in London Town.

The next set is our loving and sincere tribute to one of the greatest musical genres of all time. Many people call it Southern Rock, he know it simply as HRS. Hard. Rocking. Shit. We start with Wicked Wilson Pickett (who Kurac and Ringfinger saw in Sydney in the early 90s) with Duane Allman on geetar. In all seriousness, it is an amazing piece of soul and a great, great vocal from Wicked. The same can’t be said for the next track by Gregg Allman and his ‘woman’ Cher. This album has been out of print since 1977. We cannot for the life of us understand why. The final track is by the Allman Brothers Band from their début album and to me represents one of the most amazing pieces of slide playing in recorded history. No jokes there. At least its shorter than the live version of Mountain Jam (clocking in at a short and clipped 34 minutes).

A few tracks from record store day now; A Pet Shop Boys cover by Field Music and Andrew Bird ‘giving it away’. This is backed by the late, great J.Dilla and Tinariwen from Mali remixed by Portugal the Man. In between is a new piece by DJ Ringfinger himself. Please be kind to him, he really gets a hard time from the press, despite many press junkets, some well attended events and a gift bag that would put Paris Hilton to shame (a Jaguar XJ-S for everyone in the room, beat that Oprah)

Le Monde once described him as… ‘le plus gros tas de merde depuis que étron peu Sarkozy’ whilst the Asahi Shimbun simply called him ‘たわごと’ . The track, entitled ‘A modern interpretation of feminist theory’ features some spoken word from 1960s NYC cab drivers. For more of his rubbish, head to http://www.fabricationdebruit.com.

Finally, we have three very warped tracks selected by DJ Kurac. We start with Metabolist, an early 80s band from the UK, then the LA based early 70s synth work of Nik Raicevic and finally 14:39 mins of late 70s disco funkery from Hot R.S with their version of ‘House of the Rising Sun’.

There you have it, show 3 in the bag. well, maybe we can go back to our retirement home now. Anyone spring us the cab fare?

C’Ex – Phillipe Nicaud
Boom Bang – Janko Nilovic
Carnaby Street – Henri Salvador
Hey Jude – Wilson Pickett (featuring Duanne Allman)
I love making love to you – Allman and Woman
Dreams – The Allman Brothers Band
Rent – Field Music
Give it Away- Andrew Bird
A modern interpretation of feminist theory – Dj Ringfinger
Think Twice – J.Dilla
Imidiwan Ma Tennam (Portugal the Man Remix) – Tinariwen
Alien on Sunday – Metabolist
Lysergic Acid Diethylamide – Nik Raicevic
House of the Rising Sun – Hot R.S

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