VS 2012 Show 4 – There is no God

After many hours (nee days) of praying, gesticulating, prostrating and bleeding, the VS team have finally been convinced that it is our hold duty to make another show. Each time, after the pain and suffering that comes from making such beasts with three backs, we head into the desert to contemplate. We reflect on our sins and our relationship with the Lord Jebus (it was a difficult one, we were never really happy, we only stayed together for the sake of the kids). And after 30 days and 30 nights, we return to the village to spread word of deliberations and vacillations. And this time, after must vacillating (We think that means tooling off, big words aren’t out speciality like), we have returned to the fold with Show 4. Praise be!

With start the show with a traditional mash-up between sex crazed porn pop and demons being expelled from a possessed servant of God. Really, the kind of thing you hear every day on the radio and from the pulpit. The really music starts with Minny Pops, a Dutch post-punk band from 1978 with their track ‘Footsteps’, we follow this with some French New Wave courtesy of Comix. In her final show (before she morphs from a caterpillar into a flutterby) DJ SCSI cranks out three tracks of modern genius. It is a truth well known amongst VS cognoscenti that both Ringfinger and Kurac were born in the year of our Lord 1894 and that modern music interferes with both our dialysis and reiki therapy, so we leave it to Scuzz to keep it real, for da kids. This time she cracks it dub-step style with Burial, New York crazy motherfucker style with Fiona Apple and Radiohead supporting style with Caribou.

Soundtracks are a passion of ours and this show is not different with the French soundtrack maestro, Jacques Denjean kicking it old school with Psychomatic and from Argentina, the Adolfo Waitzman Orchestra with Montecarlo Beach. From the recently released compile of Polnareff soundtracks the formerly very rare and now not so much sound track to Lipstick. Finally, related to but really completely separate from the previous three we have some space disco from 1977 off the much sought after classic album by Herman’s Rocket.

Christian music is one of the mainstays of both versions of VS. Certainly in our early days, we liked nothing better than to sit around the piano and sings hymns of solemnity and exultation, Two such hymns come from Christian in-breeds Robyn and Crystal Bernard who pose us the question, are we really related to monkeys? Then an unknown Morman prepares us for the day all the heathens die in a fire-ridden hell and all the Mormons ascend to heaven in the magic underpants…it will be a heavenly party.

DJ SCSI returns a slight overture of tracks that will mark her exit from the collective. Next month we welcome the birth of DJ SCSI-b. Anyone who argues that they are the same person will get their face smashed in with our elbows. Choice. KI: Theory can be described as ‘I dunno’, a particularly insightful critique. When pressed she added ‘guitar heavy bass trip hop’. Can you see why we asked her to leave? Next we have DANISH atmospherics (attention our beautiful and sexy hosts at whatyouwant radio).

Two more phat set of beats courtesy of the stylus that can only be cleaned by Dr Kurac’s records spunk round out the show. Henriette Coulouvrat is a whacked out Frech synth artist from 1979. And then we have the band Anus. The less said the better really. In between those two pieces of Francophone magnificence we have the latest track from DJ Ringfinger and his incredible shrinking quintet. Entitled, ‘The devil is coming (out)’ this track is inspired by the chilling tale of Rev A.A Allen and his attempt to remove books and the stains of Jesus from a young woman, who does not like blood. As always, please send all abuse to J.Howard c/- irrelevanttool@gmail.com.

Crying Demons A.A Allen vs J’taime Zygmunt Jankowski
Footsteps – Minny Pops
Walkman Video – Comix

Forgive – Burial
Hot Knife – Fiona Apple
Kalli – Caribou

Psychomatic – Jacques Denjean
Montecarlo Beach – Adolfo Waitzman Orchestra
Lipstick Theme – Michel Polnareff
Space Woman – Herman’s Rocket

Are you ready for the rapture? Unknowm Mormon Dude
The Monkey Song – Robyn and Crystal Bernard

I wanna run – Maura Davis
Mannequin – When the saints go machine

Can’t you take a joke? Henriette Coulouvrat
The devil is coming (out) – DJ Ringfinger
O es tu mon petit anus – Anus

and a special bonus treat for those of who have waited patiently right until the end. We present to you the finest example of Aussie Hip-Hop, eva! It’s choice. It’s got tight raps. and it’s got sodomy, braggadocio, menstruation and adultery. Word.

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