V.S 2012 Show 1 – The Return of the Kings

This is the new podcast from Vinyl Sodomy (also known in polite circles as V.S.) The show started on Sydney community radio in the late 19th century, when three people recently released from prison (on trumped up charges of course) decided to spread the music of the streets they had learnt in jail to a wider, less traumatised audience. Since 2003 the show has been in a form of hiatus. Legal injunctions prevent us from discussing the circumstances and the specifics. Suffice to say neither us or the chipmunks involved have been able to walk straight since. The show is brought to you by three of the leading exponents of the ancient DJ arts. DJ Kurac is our moral heart. He loves all things. DJ SCSI was our tragic attempt to appeal to the baser elements of society. She belched, she did funny voices, she occasionally chose a song. She is no longer part of the troika. She has been replaced by a DJ yet to be named, probably SCSI. She is lazy like that. Stay tuned for the announcement. DJ Ringfinger works the wheels, picks the wrong songs and generally makes shit up.


Kana TNT – Kod Hang Kam (The Circle Of Karma)
Kim Jung Mi – Haenim (Toward the Sunlight)
Andre Williams – The Greasy Chicken
Heidi Brühl – Berlin
Hildegard Knef – Wie Viel Menschen Waren Glücklich, Dass du Gelebt
Thomas Natschinski & Gruppe – Morgens in der stadt
Cornelius – Drop Seconda Versione
Astro Boy theme
Ai Yamamoto – Dark Crystal
Cibo Matto – Sugar Water
Louise Huebner – Orgies – A Tool Of Witchcraft
Fela Ransome Kuti – Witchcraft
Coven – Black Sabbath
Human Switchboard – Refrigerator Door
Union – Space B-Boy


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