VS Show 5 – A little less conversation

It is a truth, universally acknowledged, that all men in possession of a good fortune must be in want of an Elvis.  VS 2012 has frequently chosen to acknowledge that Elvis has never left the building.  He might have popped down to the shops, picked up some porn and beer and rode the white horse of life all the way back to Graceland.  But he is not dead.  No way. Not possible.  To that end, and to celebrate the efforts of Elvis fans everywhere who have been debating actively the key questions about the life of EAP, such as…would Elvis at 77 have gone for the Johnny Cash growing old look or the Tom Jones growing old look – we bring you Show 5 of the return of VS in what we imaginatively called ‘ A little less conversation’.

We start of course with Elvis, and a suite of pieces by, from, about and for the King.  We start with Elvis himself, in a personalised tribute to VS thanking us for keeping the legend alive.  We follow this Mary Mathis in song telling the story of the birth of baby Elvis. We sample a small segment from the legendary ‘Having fun on stage with Elvis’ record, which literally is just 33 minutes of the bits of banter Elvis treated the crowd to during his sober, clean and physically fit Vegas show days.  Well, well, well.  He is the NBC peacock.  Finally, we have a live version of a ‘A little less conversation’ from Vegas which doesn’t feature ELVIS at all, despite the song having lyrics and well-known ones at that.  Perhaps he was praying, or teaching young kids the evils of taking weapons to the White House.  We will never know the truth.


We move away from the King to pay tribute seriously to the late Darryl Cotton, lead singer of many of an Australian band, who died a few months back.  We play the mighty Zoot’s version of Eleanor Rigby, followed up the sitar and moog madness of Lord Sitar doing the same. We wrap this bracket up with the Australian sixties legends ‘The Loved Ones’ doing the imaginatively titled ‘The Loved One’.


Three more tracks from the sixties this time.  Paul Simul is a Belgian garage rocker and this piece of freakbeat is a b-side to a single from 1966, which we follow this with Marc Aryan, also French Belgian and a purveyor of sixties pop and finally John-Phillipe Smet. Better known as the French Elvis, or Johnny Hallyday, he rocks out with his version of Hey Joe.


Love is the answer.  Simple really.  Especially the love from Jebus, Although we thought we left all of that God stuff behind us in Show 4.  The trouble is that you can never trust SCSI-b when she starts going all religious postal on your holy ass.  How wrong we were to doubt her spiritual stuff?  Tammy Swindell keeps the faith by singing two by two well.   We follow this up with another piece by that master of the amateur, DJ Ringfinger.  It is charity really, allowing him to pollute the vinyl purity of this show.  But this time he ups the ante and produces a suite of all things.  A suite?  Really? Wanker much?  Based around found messages off an answering machine, parts 1 and 2 of this ‘suite’ are called ‘Please don’t read my journals, they are mine’ and ‘I am coming for my things’.  If you like what he does then you can check out his soundcloud at http://www.soundcloud.com/djringfinger or you can get all multi-media on his ass and check out his video/sound/sexy words project at http://www.fabricationdebruit.com/loss.  But please keep him away from SCSI-b’s possum.  Last time, it took three tow trucks to clean up the mess.

Next is the glitching debut of our newest member (hehe, Ringfinger said member..snigger). Welcome with her iPad of Doom, SCSCi-b.  We found her wandering the streets, with a small dead possum in her left hand and her record collection in her right.  We took her in, fed her,  and made her our newest DJ.  And she returns the favour with two tracks here both called default. One by Django Django and the other by Atoms for Peace, the new supagroop featuring Thom Yorke of Radiohead, and FLEA!!??!. 


Keep with the theme of repetition, Kurac brings you two tracks from Super Freego, A zeuhl prog-rock band from France.  You don’t know what zeuhl is? What kind of music fans are you? (actually Ringfinger had no idea and SCSI-b thought it would make a great name for her dead possum, which she had previously called Albert).  Well, fro Wikipedia, here is the definition of Zeuhl prog… Zeuhl is an adjective in Kobaïan, the language written by Christian Vander, drummer and founder of the French band Magma.

The word means celestial, although many times it is misunderstood as
meaning “celestial music”, since the members of Magma describe the
genre of their music as Zeuhl. Zeuhl Wortz, though, means Music of the
universal might.

The genre is a mixture of musical genres like Neoclassicism,
Romanticism, Modernism and Fusion. Common elements: oppressive or
discipline-conveying feel, marching themes, throbbing bass, an
ethereal piano or Rhodes piano, and brass instruments.

Kindness play ‘That’s alright’, as the final selection from SCSI-b before she puts Zeuhl to bed and closes her eyes for sleepy-bo-bo time. We round out the set with two tracks from the seventies (seventies).  Quartz and Devo smack each other about and call their tracks Frank.  The Devo track is from their album ‘Duty Now For The Future / New Traditionalists’ and the Quartz track is simply entitled Discoland


Well that is that.  Zeuhl is not snoring quietly in the corner (actually Zeuhl is smelling a bit, perhaps time for a proper burial – let’s get Christian Zander to do it in Kobaïan).  Elvis has left our building, perhaps to go down the road and throttle Mary Mathis until she stops singing.  Ringfinger is in the corner next to Zuehl sulking, and Kurac, well who the freak knows what Kurac does at night.  He is on the other side of the world.  I heard he can walk on the earth upside whilst simultaneously drawing penises (penisi?) on pictures from the Melbourne Herald-Sun.

Until Show 6.


Elvis has not left the building


Elvis himself!

The legend of Elvis Presley Mary Mathis
A little less conversation by Elvis Presley
Having fun on stage with Elvis Presley
Eleanor Rigby –  Zoot
Eleanor Rigby – Lord Sitar
The Loved One – The Loved Ones
Bye, Bye Dave – Paul Simul
Georgina – Marc Aryan
Hey Joe – Johnny Hallyday
Love in the answer – unknown
Two by Two – Tammy Swindell
Default – Django Django
Default – Atoms for Peace
a la folie – Super Freego
m’en fous – Super Freego
Messages –  DJ Ringfinger

Part 1 Please don’t read my journals, they are mine

Part 2 I am coming for my things

That’s alright – Kindness
Discoland – Quartz
Triumph of the will – Devo

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