VS 2012 Show 6 – Out of the starter gun and into the fire: best of 2012 or SCSI-b takes control of the wheels of steel. Ringfinger and Kurac stand idly by

VS 2012 presents – Out of the starter gun and into the fire: best of 2012

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It’s been a very sporting year at VS HQ, at least for the likes of
SCSI-B who is proud to present her first solo effort with this best of
2012 offering. Having traveled some 150,000 km through 25 countries
this year, you might have expected more oddities in this selection,
but currently living in an apartment sans turntable (the horror!)
leaves room for only a selection of digital’s greatest.

And so we set off with Kindness, this year’s selection so
running-themed it’s practically a jogging soundtrack. All through the
streets of Helsinki we enjoyed this track. Next up, Tame Impala with
the latest incarnation of neo-psychadelica, from my hometown, Perth,
no less. They say there’s a scene there now, I failed to spot one if
that’s true. Nigel Godrich-produced Here we go Magic next, and then a
track whose live version I wish had been released, from Orbital. This
tune soundtracks my number one viral video of the year: Orbital
playing the Paralymic Opening Ceremony, Stephen Hawking providing the
voice over while thousands of dancers pretend to the the Large Hadron
Collider. Just great. See for yourself:

Next, a leap to a cut from the recording released alongside one of the
best shows all year, Penderecki and Greenwood at the Barbican. Playing
violins like guitars? Oh yes. More upbeatness from Union, Django
Django and Fiona Apple’s very lovely “Idler Wheel…”. Very difficult
to choose which of the latter two provided my album of the year,
probably both. Skipping ahead, Andrew Bird has song of the year with
“Give it Away” and its elegant shuffling break, which I listened to
somewhat incessantly at the hotel gym in Yaoundé, taking the lyrics
far too literally.

Nearing the finish line, Hundred Waters surely have the best track
title of all time, and their folky/electronica sound is alright with
me. Lastly, we finish with Thom Yorke’s supergroup, Atoms for Peace
with their full album to look forward to early in 2013.

So many others brought out albums this year: Actress, Flying Lotus,
Rufus Wainwright, The Shins, Frank Ocean, Sleigh Bells, be assured we
liked them too. Someone always has to finish out of the medals. Until
next year!

That’s alright – Kindness
Feels like we only go backwards – Tame Impala
Over the ocean – Here we go Magic
Where is it going? – Orbital
Pacay Tree: 48 Responses to Polymorphia – Ausko Orchestra & Marek Moss
(Composer: Jonny Greenwood)
Baby Mama – Union
Waveforms – Django Django
Anything we want – Fiona Apple
Forget – Lianne la Havas
Yet Again – Grizzly Bear
Give it Away – Andrew Bird
Mannequin – When Saints go Machine
Flesh of Morning – Jonti
Hot Chip – Flutes
Loner – Burial
. . . __ __ __ . . . Hundred Waters
Default – Atoms for Peace

Check out the latest works by DJ Ringfinger and his incredibly invisible quintet right here (http://www.soundcloud.com/djringfinger and http://www.fabricationdebruit.com/loss) . It was a busy 2012 for ring (that’s what we call him).  This is a paid for commercial on behalf of DJ Ringfinger enterprises. We wouldn’t help the sad sod even if he was on fire unless he/she paid us some of the sweet moolah they get from the 2-3 hits a year to the site.


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