VS 2013 Show 1 – Confessions of a MILF

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We predicted the end of the world.  We prepared for the rapture.  We filled every one of 17 cupboards with tins of baked beans.  We waited.  We eat all the baked beans.  We waited some more.  We had to leave the room, rapture or not.  This show, this very piece of thick beautiful black plastic you hold before you is the result of our revelation from those dark, dark minutes we faced death and eternal damnation together.

VS is back for another season.  More Kurac.  More Ringfinger. And yes, more SCSI-b.  Each in equal but quite distinct doses.  And this year we start as we left of, really fucking warped.  Two tape findings, one from the Russian cruise liner ‘Belorussiya’ and their house band called ‘Rendezvous’ or рандеву as they must have been called, and the other from an Australian preacher seemingly enraptured himself, mainly around the word ‘come’.  Both from around 1980 and found in thrift shops for about A$1 each, we cheekily then melded them with the classic porn sounds of ‘Super Erotica’.  It is without doubt a cheap thrill in the VS household.

Next up we have two tracks from SCSI-b’s ‘what she did miss out on in the 2012 special and wanted people to think she was too cool to mention it’.  We start with some Kendrick Lamar dubstep madness and Higher Ground by TNGHT morphed into the ‘future soul sound’ of Hiatus Kaiyote.  Being the youngest of the collective at a spritely 12 years, SCSI-b is the only who understands ‘the internet’ and therefore knows that these tracks have something called ‘YouTube’ videos…is that like Betamax?

Two pieces of eighties whacked outness from Kurac next,  firstly INU, a punk/new wave from Osaka in the late seventies/early eighties.  According to last.fm, the lead singer has written a novel with the same name as this song.  Interesting fact, apparently.  Nash the Slash on the other hand are not from Osaka, nor has their lead singer written a novel.  It is from 1984 and the record was called ‘American Band-ages’.  You don’t believe us, see the cover.  Ringfinger find sit vaguely arousing.


Next, we have the amazing Viv Albertine, from the Slits with a track from her new solo album ‘Vermilion Border’.  Ringfinger saw her live the Hague a few months back and was blown away.  He even wrote to her via email to tell her.  Whiny fanboy.  Next is Lydia Lunch and Roland S Howard doing the Lee Hazelwood classic ‘Some Velvet Morning’.  Next up, we bring you Gina X Performance from deep within the heart of North Rhine -Westphalia, Koln in Germany and her 1979 track ‘Nice Mover’

Like flies to a giant pile of rotting trash, we keep coming back to the wellspring that is the fart sounds and accidental glitches of DJ Ringfinger.  This time he Korg’s his way to hip-hop stardom matched against a tape finding of a girl rapping about love (with a few small bursts of the Beach Boys – don’t sue us Mike Love – sue Ringfinger)

The sixties psych freakouts courtesy of Kurac next.  Tim Maia from Brazil offers up his ‘Flamengo bossa’, Fred Karlin from 1969 Paramount Movies soundtrack of the Sterile Cuckoo brings you the Weirdos and finally everyone’s favourite Yugobeat band Grupo 220 with ‘kamo vodi sad sve to’ from 1969.

Back to SCSI-b and her frankly transparent but ultimately successful attempts to remain relevant.  Benjamin Biolay is a fan fave of this show, having playing a few of his cuts at various DJ nights and slumber parties we have MC’ed at.  This is from his new LP and features the ex-Mrs Johnny Depp Vanessa Paradis duetting.  This is followed up by Ned Collette and the track ‘Long you lie’.  More betamax cassettes follow. And I am sure SCSI-b will ask you to pay special attention to the one with Biolay. She may find him vaguely arousing. But clearly not as much as we all find Nash the Slash.

and we round out this first show back with four punk tracks.  Of course, we had to start with the boys from Punchbowl, NSW, Australia – The Hard Ons.  Having spent many years playing in parks on or near Bonds Road in Punchbowl (minds.  gutters. dirty bastards.  ringfinger had three aunts who lived in tow houses next to each other on Bonds Road.  Now, calm down people) we have an affinity for the Hard-ons.  especially with their note perfect cover of ‘then I kissed her’.  Next we have East German punk madness from Lorenz Loren and his tribute to the former DDR leader Eric Honecker.  Next up is SCSI-b punk of choice, the mighty Frenzal Rhomb and their tribute to Oscar award winning NZ actor Russell Crowe.  and finally Chris Townend and Kent Steedman (in the guise of Crent) offer their take on the civic duty to expand literacy and vocabulary.


Well, that is the lot of it.  56:35 of your life you won’t want back again because you realise that as always with listening to this show, you are now 56:35 closer to a life lived with the baby jebus.


Dark eyes – Rendezvous the cruise band from the cruise ship Belorussiya c1979
Jesus comes vs Super Erotica
Higher Ground – TNGHT
Nakamarra – Hiatus Kaiyote
Tsuru Tsuru no Tsubo – INU
Hey Joe – Nash the Slash
Confessions of a MILF – Viv Albertine
Some velvet morning – Lydia Lunch and Roland S Howard
Nice mover – gina x performance
I couldn’t live without you and I love you – DJ Ringfinger
Flamengo bossa – Tim Maia
The weirdos – Fred Karlin
Kamo vodi sad sve to – Grupa 220
Profite – Benjamin Biolay featuring Vanessa Paradis
Long you lie – Ned Collette
Then I kissed her – Hard-ons
Honecker in Cambodia – Lorenz Loren
Russell Crowe’s Band – Frenzal Rhomb
Extended Vocabuluary – Crent


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