A slight detour – Wide Open Sodomy – God is a killer!

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Well, we were challenged by the might and majesty of DJ Earley Curley. He said maketh a show for Easter that was 66 minutes and 6 seconds long. He said maketh this show epic and easter-full. He said that he would make us suffer with the glory of his own show. Here is that show…

ISHTAR 2013 (EC mix) by Dj Earley Curley on Mixcloud

We said, sure, whatevs.

So we bring you the first smack-down ever between the biblical might of Wide Open Road, your favourite Aussie indie music show and the perverse emptiness of those heathens at Vinyl Sodomy. We could have called this show Vinyl Road, but that was too dirty even for us. So we went with ‘Wide Open Sodomy’. Much cleaner. Much holier. Even more catholic guilt and vestments that you can shake a chrism coated finger at.

Enjoy and watch DJ Ringfinger burn in the fires of hell and damnation, or as we call it over here. Prime. Minister . Tony. Abbott. Really? Really Australia? Really?

Wide Open Sodomy – God is a Killer!! by Djringfinger on Mixcloud

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A.A Allen – God is a Killer
Pius – Bring Jesus Back (Techno version)
Crow – god-fearing shareholders of the Lord
Laughing Clowns – Bride of Jesus
Jesus and Spanish eyes
Ronald K Wells and Youth Choir – God is dead/If God is dead
The Birthday Party – Big Jesus Trash Can
Flea/Johnny Lee Willis – Happy Easter Asshole/Peter Cottontail
Lydia Lunch and Clint Ruin – Don’t Fear the Reaper
Ya Ya Choral – God’s Buzzsaw
A teenager talks
Kiss My Poodles Donkey – I am God
Box the Jesuit – Satan
The Sunbeams – I fell in love with one of Satan’s daughters
Hoss – Satan the cleaning lady
Aerobic exercise to Contemporary Christian Music – Jesus keeps taking me higher and higher
Beasts of Bourbon – Hope you find your way to heaven

Sacred Cowboys – Hell sucks
Rusty Adams – If Jesus played a guitar
Died Pretty – Godbless

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