VS 2013 Show 2 – George W Bush doesn’t like black people (or Taylor Swift)


Alright, we know. We have heard loud and clear. You want us back. We have been inundated with an email asking ‘when are you lazy fckers making another show?’ We wrote back in abusive tones that it was really ‘none of your fracking business Mr Pope whatyoucallyerself the first’. But for you dear listeners, we are happy to report that we are presenting for duty our second show of the year entitled ‘George W Bush doesn’t like black people (or Taylor Swift). What have been up to in the preceding few months? What? Aside from the weeks’ worth of effort it takes to make this masterpiece? Well Ringfinger has been seeking spiritual counsel, trying to find ‘his’ ‘zen space’ whatever the hell that means. We think it is just where he touches his pee-pee. SCSI-b has been learning Dutch in order to complete her lifelong ambition to watch My Kitchen Rules in every Germanic language. Ik hoop dat Jake en Elle verliezen aan het einde van mijn keuken regels. Ze zuigen. Kurac and his tempestuous relationship with Angela Merkel is going very well, thanks for asking.

Wide Open Road 2013 Show 2 – George Bush doesn't like black people by Djringfinger on Mixcloud

Onto ‘the business’ as they say nowhere in particular. We start the show with some found spoken word from Canada about a man and his SSS. We think sexy is not one of those words. We have matched this with some classic library sounds from Jack Arel. Next we have a triple play from Kurac who delves deep into his collection of madness and brings you a version of the Beatles classic ‘Come Together’. Sure when you hear the flute you want to run, but wait until the guitar kicks in, it fuzzier than a bear. David McCallum (noted as playing Russian spy Illya Nickovetch Kuryakin in the Man from UNCLE) drops the Batman Theme and finally we get more weirdness through Tripsichord Music Box, a SF based sixties group who were managed by the famous Matthew Katz (who also managed Jefferson Airplane, Moby Grape et al).

A couple of track we found at Sister Ray in London. For some reason they had a huge box of Italian sixties and seventies juke box singles and we bought, well, a few to be honest. Here are two, one from Quelli, a great sixties Italian beat band doing their version of Michel Polnareff’s La Poupée Qui Fait Non in Italian. We then get French great Nino Ferrer doing ‘Re di Cuori’ which apparently translates at the ‘King of Hearts’ from 1970. To wrap that break up, Jacques Dutronc. Say no more.

Some rap now people. One the finer exponents of NYC rap is of course French 80s rapper Kari Kollgang throwing down in his rap battle with the harsh insult ‘Solid as a knucklehead’ (it sounds better in French). Upto Kanye to show some school spirit, smack down a president, insult Taylor Swift and then make a collaborative platter with Mr Beyone. Word.

Talulah Gosh were an amazing band out of Oxford, UK. This single released in 1986 was their second offering and was a significant part of the twee-pop movement (factoid – they took their name from an interview in NME with Altered Images singer Clare Grogan – no wonder Kurac likes them). Australian band ‘Even as we Speak’ who released a number of beautiful singles on Sarah Records around the same time bring us their take on the New Order song and finally courtesy of SCSI-b Grimes immense Oblivion wraps the set up.

Oh people, now you are in for a treat. Sure, we love Five or Six and their cut ‘Another reason’ but really its just foreplay before we get to PETER IVERS. Peter Ivers was a mainstay of our earlier radio show ‘Vinyl Sodomy’, which was broadcast to three cats, a taxi driver named Ahmed and three people dogging in Centennial Park Sydney. Only making a handful of records, Peter Ivers was a singer songwriter and TV performer from Boston. His tragic story came to an end in 1983 when he was found dead in apartment bludgeoned to death with a hammer. No-one has ever been charged. Uplifting, eh? That aside, his records are amazing, expensive and simply worth every penny.

Frank and Daryl Kuntz. Yes that is their real name. From the brilliant ‘Way out Junk’ blog- ‘… If you watched channel 39 out of Dallas, Texas in the early 80′s, you might remember Frank and Darryl Kuntz, the hosts of the kids show “The Good Time Gang”. They’d sing songs, give out prizes to kids at home, and even throw a bit of religion into the mix!’ is the perfect lead into some Dutch beat with ‘Lady Sex’, a song I had going around my head when I watch the ‘Book of Mormon’ but was not in the show and the theme to the Australian youth soap opera ‘Class of ‘74’ by Brian Cadd.

This leads us to our last track and the Divinyls with the old Easybeats classic, ‘I’ll Make You Happy’. Lead singer Chrissy Amphlett died this week at age 52. I loved the Divinyls. They made brilliant rock songs, with distinctive vocals and great guitar lines. Their sound track to the Aussie film ‘Monkey Grip’ is great and album after album they dropped lines of classic singles. VS salute you Ms Amphlett. I hope they have plenty of school girl outfits and monitor stacks there.

Spoken word – Heart Line vs Jack Arel
Triode – Come Together
David McCallum – Batman
Tripsichord Music Box – The New Word
Quelli – Una Bambolina Che Fa No No No
Nino Ferrer – Re di Couri
Jacques Dutronc – Et Moi, Et Moi, Et Moi
Kari Kollgang – Plein comme une andouille
Kanye West – School Spirit
Kanye West, Taylor Swift and Mike Myers vs dj ringfinger – George Bush doesn’t like black people/and so the waters rose (extract)
Kanye west and Jay-z – welcome to the Jungle
Talulah Gosh – Beatnick Boy
Even as we Speak – Bizarre Love Triangle
Grimes – Oblivion
Five or Six – Another reason
Peter Ivers – Audience of One
Frank and Daryl Kuntz – I’m Frank and I’m Daryl
Eddy Dyan & The Saints – Lady Sex
Janeen Brady and the Brite Singers – I’m a mormon
Brian Cadd – The class of ’74 theme
Divinyls – I’ll make you happy

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