V.S Pre-History Shows

What are these mixcloud shows all about?

The show used to be broadcast on a boring radio station in the middle of ugly suburbia. Now it is yours to podcast with love. These shows were first broadcast nearly 6 years ago, hence some of the dated references, pointless chatter, female belching and inane banter. we know you are not listening to the show for songs, but for a blinding insight into what life was like back then. VS will be returning with all new shows, new songs, a new DJ name for SCSI and perhaps some less potty mouthed interactions on http://www.wywradio.com. Check it out! The show is hosted by DJ SCSI, DJ Kurac and DJ Ringfinger. Do you need to know anymore. I think not. Nosey people.

Before we return at the end of November, we have decided to reward you, the loyal listener, with some vintage sodomy before we get all fresh on yo american spindle

Vinyl Sodomy grows old – Show 1

Vinyl Sodomy Pre-History Show One by Djringfinger on Mixcloud

Vinyl Sodomy gets the pension Show 2

Vinyl Sodomy Pre-History Show 2 by Djringfinger on Mixcloud

Vinyl Sodomy has its hips replaced Show 3
Since 2003 the show has been in a form of hiatus. Legal injunctions prevent us from discussing the circumstances and the specifics. Suffice to say neither us or the chipmunks involved have been able to walk straight since.

Vinyl Sodomy Pre-History Show 3 by Djringfinger on Mixcloud

Vinyl Sodomy gets its kick on route 66 – Show 4

(once again, we can’t name the chipmunks involved, but Alvin still can’t walk straight) –

Vinyl Sodomy Pre-History Show 4 by Djringfinger on Mixcloud

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