Hello, Goodbye: Best of 2014


A year of unexpected albums from artists assumed retired, farewell albums from others, and slimmer pickings for new artists: that’s DJ SCSI’s 2014. In a year which found your correspondent DJ coming and going from every continent, quite often the best place to be was a couch at home, headphones optional.

All round:
Classical album of the year – Become Ocean – John Luther Adams
Comeback of the year – Havens Dumb – Augie March

This year, no classical on the podcast as the year’s finest was a 43 minute piece that I couldn’t chop up for the podcast. So you’ll just have to check out Become Ocean all on your own. Hundred Waters kick proceedings off for real, an ethereal glistening beast. Actress next, with a track from what is supposedly his final album. We’ll see. Onwards to Flying Lotus and an album which was all over the shop with fewer standout tracks than previous efforts, but after Lone it leads into Thom Yorke whose second solo album had more to say about distribution than musically, but managed a couple of decent tunes including Guess Again! Influences from all those that precede clearly worn on a sleeve (Actress, FlyLo etc) yet still clearly Thom. When’s that new Radiohead album coming, then?

tUnE-yArDs’ singalong qualities made for regular listening in the latter part of the year. Don’t we all feel like Mr Tembo sometimes? “It’s where he is now but it wasn’t what he planned”. It’s about an elephant. Genius. The War on Drugs bring us the kind of indie that’s been missing for a long while. Caribou, so hard to choose from a standout album, when Silver comes soaring in at 3:27 it’s magic. Constant repeat. True too for Jungle: falsettos and soul, what’s not to like? St Vincent kept me good company in Jakarta with Rattlesnake. TV on the Radio burst through with a fantastic new album in November, and Beck recovered from back injury with his best in some time.

Angie March haven’t made easy listening with Definitive History – a clear swipe at the Abbott government and its impact: “strangers welcome, just not here”. A truly unexpected return from a band that had all but disappeared. Streaming’s probably the best way to hear Havens Dumb outside of Australia, no local Europe release as yet, but it’s worth seeking out. We stay in the region for Neil Finn, In My Blood has only the lightest touches of Dave Fridmann’s production, just right.

To wrap up the year, and to bring up the tempo, we go latin! SeŽbastian Tellier got carried away with a concept album that had something to do with Brazil (World Cup was good timing?) and Romeo Santos tore up the charts with Odio despite Drake phoning it in: “he speaking Spanish, I get it translated” huh. This year I got hooked on listening to Super Estrella (Spanish language station out of California – be glad I haven’t included this year’s biggest hit, Bailando), and from there to close out 2014 something truly huge, catchy and tragic, Decidiste Dejarme (You Decided to Leave Me). And with that, I leave you, until next year!

And to the tunes:
Out Alee – Hundred Waters
Gaze – Actress
Obligatory Cadence – Flying Lotus
Meeker Warmer Energy – Lone
Guess Again! – Thom Yorke
Hey Life – tUnE-yArDs
Mr Tembo – Damon Albarn
Disappearing – The War on Drugs
Silver – Caribou
Time – Jungle
Rattlesnake – St Vincent
Careful You – TV on the Radio
Say Goodbye – Beck
Definitive History – Augie March
In My Blood – Neil Finn
Ricky L’Adolescent – Sebastian Tellier
Odio – Romeo Santos featuring Drake
Decidiste Dejarme – Camila

VS 2014 Show 2 – in the RAAAAWWWWW


This week get rough, we get tough, we get nude, we get…in the raaaaawwwwwww!!! Each week we produce a show you generally get to see our tender and sensitive side. Kurac is the softie of the bunch, picking petunias in the park to take on his regular tour of old persons homes and animal shelters. SCSI-b donates all her old cables to green charities to ensure the planet can breathe through all the smoke rising from bombed jihadi terror camps and Ringfinger is just a cruel bastard at the best of times. He trains flies to pull the wings off other flies. It is just simply too hard to watch.

We start this show with a trip beyond with Christian comedian who is a preacher from Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada who grew up as a son of a preacher. The whole record is about his crime streak and how our Lord Jesus eventually saved him. The record sounds with some great psych guitar which we have overlaid with the sounds of Lightnin’ Red and his Freaky Friday freakfest. Really. It is that good. Next up we move into the tracks that Kurac lays down at his weekly ballroom dancing and bingo evening that he DJs at in the Ron Barrassi Memorial Multi-Function Hall at the Bernard King retirement village in Bognor. Why they named the home and its features after Australian famous people of the seventies is anyones guess. We start with Mono 45/upm – Romantic Adieu, bienvennue réalité which is a rare piece of French new wave/electro from 1979. Of course, Kurac has the original vinyl, which is played here in all its 320kps glory. Flac, MOFO, flac! From Niger we have pioneering electronica by Mamman Sani Abdullaye who released this track in 1978 on his only record. Once again, Kurac took crate digging to the EXTREME by spending three years in Niger as a aid worker and doctor just to find this record. Amazing commitment. Finally we have
Kitchen & the Plastic Spoons with their track Happy Funeral. According to this new fangled electronic Encyclopaedia Brittanica, they are an experimental synthesizer based punk band from Sweden, formed “by pure fun” in the spring of 1980. The group disbanded in November 1981. Before disbanding, they released two singles and three tracks for compilation albums. Since disbanding, their songs have become well sought-after by collectors of punk, gothic rock, deathrock and art punk music. Like Kurac. Accessible and popularist all at once.

Right, this track is new, like from yesterday, the first track from the new release by Thom Yorke called Tomorrow’s Modern Boxes. It is released via bittorrent and costs a measly $6. Keep breaking the internet dude, go on. Just be careful cuz Kim Dotcom will come after you, just like he did John Key in NZ. Blam! Yes I went there, I made a New Zealand election joke and I ain’t even a kiwi. Ground breaking. Next up is as remix of the classic sixties french stomper Psyche Rock by Urusla 1000 from 2000 and we wrap up that set with Jungle and their SCSI-b selected track Busy Earnin’.

Right, we have tried to tell him that his musical interludes are not welcome. That they sound like fart sounds coming out of a garage band app on his grotty iPad. We even told him no matter how many times he gets Flea to lay down a bassline, he is still NOT COOL. But Ringfinger keeps coming back with more. This time he drops a brand new dance floor stomper called ‘A little more tight, a little more tense, a little more taunt’ which features some 1970s relaxation instructions found on a random unlabelled tape in an charity store. He paid 25 cents for it and we reckon he was taken for a ride. Anyway, this we promise is that last time we let his crap on the airwaves, until next Thom Yorke, until next time. Bwaaahhhhaaaaaaaaaaaahahahah

Time to kick out the jams now with the Hi Sheriffs of Blue and their track Ain’t but sweet 16. Released in 1980, this flash of New York no wave is also played direct from the Kurac family vault of vinyl. Next up two tracks that by thend of them if you can remember anything through the bleeding eardrums then you are a better man than me Charlie Brown. The Butcher Shop was a short-lived Australian band on the Black Eye label and featured none other than Tex Perkins on vocals. We map that next to the mighty Lubricated Goat with a track off their debut album from 1988 called In the Raw. Watch the clip, you see naughty bits. This caused quite a stir on Aussie TV back in the eighties. Most kids remember it. A band, playing nude, on the ABC. Shock! Horror!

Lets take it home now, SCSI-b drops her latin roots again with Los Fabulosos Cadillacs and El Matador. Would you believe they are an Argentinian ska band. No, really! Next up the Pixies from Surfer Rosa with Vamos. And finally, we have a Kurac-led send off that he chose especially for you. Black Randy and the Metrosquad was a punk rock and joke band from the late 1970s and early 1980s in the Los Angeles punk scene. They gained notoriety not only for their surreal and smutty sense of humour, but also for their amalgamation of proto-punk, 1970s porn, pop, and avant-garde music (yes, I stole that from the World Book of Punk online edition, called Wikipedia I think).

Thats us done for another month or so. KURACSCSIB&RINGFINGER OUT!

Brian Rudd – From a bum trip to..the trip beyond vs The super guitar of Lightnin’ Red doing Funky Friday and Caravan
Mono 45/upm – Romantic Adieu, bienvennue réalité
Mamman Sani Abdullaye – kobon lerai
Kitchen & the Plastic Spoons – Happy Funeral
Thom Yorke – Bottle in a brain
Pierre Henry – Psyche Rock (remixed by Ursula 1000)
Jungle – Busy earnin’
DJ Ringfinger – A little more tight, a little more tense, a little more taunt
Hi Sheriffs of Blue – Ain’t but sweet 16
The Butcher Shop – Iron Pig
Lubricated Goat – In the Raw
Los Cadillacs – El Matador
Pixies – Vamos
Black Randy & Metrosquad – Trouble at the Cup

VS 2014 Show 1 – Am I ever gonna see your face again?


Well, apparently he heals quickly and changes his mind even quicker. Yes, Kurac is still Kurac. He still is all man, all the time, and we with that shocking piece of news, we have delivered our first VS for 2014, entitled ‘No Way, Get F*cked, F*ck Off’ in honour of the Doc Neeson and the legacy he left us, most notably, how to appropriately answer the question ‘Am I Ever Gonna See your Face Again?’

We start with the wonderful Alan Hawkshaw at his dirty best matched with the sleazy sounds of San Francisco adult bookstores, recorded by the Golding Institute (well, that’s my life). Next we have the mysterious Miss X and her bawdy little jig called S-E-X. Apparently according to the internet (we let SCSI-b do all the tech stuff), Miss X is pseudonym of Count Don Jaime De Mora Y Aragon. Sounds like it to us. Next up is the straight out filthy weirdness of Screamin’ Jay Hawkins and Bite it, which was released in 1970 on the ‘Because Is In Your Mind’ LP and finally a mother delve in the garage rock nuggets with the Barbarians and their track, Moulty released on Laurie in 1966 Right ho, now it gets loud, grotty, snotty and pinky as we gob out three tracks, with the first being US hardcore band The Frantix from 1983 with their binge and purge of family issues. Apparently this single is worth over US$100. Not interesting, but I needed a fact to keep the whole thing balanced. I am like that. The second single is by Melbourne band Grong Grong and their cover of the Mortein Fly Spray commercial jingle, Louie the Fly. Aussies can sing it, anyone else will just think we are weird. Released on the Aberrant label in 1986, this little ditty scored an international release on Jello Biafra’s label Alternative Tentacles, more on him later. Finally we notch the punk up to 1979 and Melbourne’s The Chosen Few and their tribute to Radio Birdman leader Deniz Tek.

Now, this is the part of the show where all the filth and fury vanishes. SCSI-b is in charge of the decks now. Well, I say that all the perversion vanishes but I couldn’t really tell because we are going Espanol with this bracket. First up Mexican songstress Mariel Mariel and her cover of a Juan Cirerol song. Next we have French-Chilean artist Ana Tijoux with her track Volver, which roughly translates as ’Name of Almodovar film’ or the verb ‘return’ and finally, we El Anillo Del Capital Beto by Argentinian star Fabiana Cantilo, who recorded this track in 2012 and went big guns in Argentina. Not so big in the Malvinas.

Enough kulcha for now. Teen Love by hardcore noise band No Trend was released in 1985 on the Touch and Go label. Does God fill Teeth is a spoken word piece which morphs into a Ministry style metal track featuring Jell Biafra on vocals (and yes, the Ministry reference was kind of ‘oh der’ because Al Jorgenson from Ministry is part of LARD). Two more from Kurac now and we Kitchen and the Plastic Sppons and their eighties track ‘Happy Funeral’. Would you believe they are a Swedish post punk and this track came from 1980 and was on a,limited release of only 300 which I bet Kurac has in his ‘B-Collection’. Next up is Comix who were a French new wave band from 1981.

Let’s take it home because ole Ringfinger here is getting tired, getting annoyed that they wouldn’t let him put any of his prime cuts on the barbie this week and getting worried that the beer is down ‘Premium Quality’ label on his imported Heineken. Swish, eh? Money is of course a Pink Floyd song, from the “Dark Side of the Moon’ record. All things easy there, so far. But Galactic Symposium are not, as far as I know, Pink Floyd, there were in fact a favourite of John Peel and there is a far funnier description of them here http://peel.wikia.com/wiki/Galactic_Symposium. Next up is Sampson. Oh we have waited so long to bring you this. This comes from the very dark ages of internet music distribution, from the wonderfully eclectic MP3.com. Back in the days when you would queue up 10 songs to download overnight. MP3.com was a free site of thousands of home made tracks, think Soundcloud without all the wanker DJs. Sampson put out three tracks. This is the best and it is a tribute to why America is and always will be great. Please, enjoy this song.

Finally we pay tribute to legends of Australian music, Jim Keays from Masters Apprentices and Doc Neeson from the Angels who passed away last week. Our musical tradition is poorer without but so much richer because of them. MA were one of the early Aussie psych bands and this song never fails to get moving and the Angels were a good rocking outfit and this song is certainly one of the unofficial anthems of the country, especially the refrain from the audience, which secretly EVERY AUSSIE KNOWS. Until 2017, VS out.

Sounds of the San Francisco Adult Bookstores b/w Beat me until I am blue – Alan Hawkshaw
S-E-X – Miss X
Bite it – Screamin’ Jay Hawkins
Moulty – The Barbarians
My dads a fucking alcoholic – The Frantix
Louie the Fly – Grong Grong
Disco Tek Wreck (dedicated to Deniz) – The Chosen Few
Toque y Rol – Mariel Mariel
Volver – Ana Tijoux
El Anillo Del Capital Beto – Fabiana Cantilo
Teen Love – No Trend
Can God fill teeth – LARD
Happy Funeral – Kitchen and the Plastic Spoons
Walkman Video – Comix
Money – Galactic Symposium
America is my home – Sampson
Turn up your radio – Masters Apprentices
Am I ever gonna see your face again (Live 1988) – The Angels

Twenty Thirteen: Fear, Uncertainty, Disco

9246624311_65294cf9e0_b (1)

Twenty thirteen, all secrets and spying, disco and dancing. We begin with new work by cellist Oliver Coates, the PRAH label’s debut release. Don’t be fooled, it starts quiet but does’t stay that way for long. The Knife put on one of the most baffling shows of the year (imagine, “and now, the solid gold dancers!”) and Shaking the Habitual is difficult, dark listening. But these are strange times, and the percussion on Wrap Your Arms Around Me could be the best of any track this year. Burial brings up the atmosphere on Hiders, released just in time to make the best of. Just because you’re paranoid, doesn’t mean they’re not out to get you. But it’s probably just too much Grand Theft Auto V – Age of Consent’s thumping track comes from the in-game soundtrack. The excellently named Big Data explore the repercussions of their name and Facebook’s privacy policies in a cautionary take about sharing too much online in Dangerous. Autre Ne Veut escalates the emotion on the followup to his debut, Anxiety, on Counting.

Ethereal, lush Woman is best not attempted anytime soon at karaoke, and is followed up by Goodnight from what must be the most anticipated not-yet-announced album, from Philip Owusu. Bringing the tempo back up, it’s time to dance without intention thanks to Holy Ghost! “Put it off, and wait for another day” Well alright, then. Put it off is just what I’ve been doing with my running regimen which has turned to dust, but earlier in the year Disclosure provided the regular soundtrack with Defeated No More battling with Help Me Lose My Mind for favourite track. Lusine cover Electronic’s Get the Message followed by one of DJ Ringfinger’s favourites, Public Service Broadcasting, taking their samples from Prelinger films. A joyful evening was had by many of us this year at Punchdrunk Theatre’s The Drowned Man in London, Melt Yourself Down’s track We Are Enough soundtracks the finale wrapping up 3 hours of dance, doom, running after actors, and trying to work out what just happened, really. If nothing makes sense anymore, then it makes perfect sense for Arcade Fire to ask, “Do you like rock n’ roll music? Cuz I don’t know if I do…”

Another of DJ Ringfinger’s votes for Low leads off a trio of women. Carla Morrison is a rising star in Mexico, a special edition of Dejenme Llorar was released this year. Through her I fell into alt.latino music in a big way this year. On the more electronic end, Juana Molina returns with a swooning, huge new album.

After Unknown Mortal Orchestra, a tune from my album of the year: Serengeti’s Kenny Dennis LP. Kenny Dennis is a character-based concept album. Kenny being a Chicago-based rapper from the outfit Grim Teachers. He raps a lot about nutrition, getting lost, 5K challenges, and directions to Reno. In between, we’re introduced to stories about KD’s time on Powerball (“crush Nitro to the wall”), his protege Anders, wife Jules, and the Sharper Image on Michigan Avenue. “This will make sure that you don’t suggest to the KD’s he should grow greens instead of crunching out MC’s!” It’s a bit daft, but it makes me smile a whole lot, and rewards repeat listens of which there have been many for me this year.

Twenty thirteen’s headlines of fear, uncertainty and doubt can be found throughout a number of these cuts from Big Data to The Knife, but hey, if we’re going to go out with everything laid bare, we may as well go out dancing with a more upbeat take than ever take on the year that was – Janelle Monae implores us to dance towards the apocalypse before we wrap it all up with a song that you can’t help but move your feet to, Happy.

Until next year!

Cello And Autoharps – Oliver Coates
Wrap Your Arms Around Me – The Knife
Hiders – Burial
Colours – Age of Consent
Dangerous – Big Data
Counting – Autre Ne Veut
Woman – Rhye
Goodnight – Philip Owusu
Dumb Disco Ideas – Holy Ghost!
Defeated No More – Disclosure
Get the Message – Lusine
Theme from PSB – Public Service Broadcasting
We Are Enough – Melt Yourself Down
Normal Person – Arcade Fire
Just Make it Stop – Low
Disfruto – Carla Morrison
Lo Decidí Yo – Juana Molina
From the Sun – Unknown Mortal Orchestra
West of Western – Serengeti
Dance Apocalyptic – Janelle Monae
Happy – Pharrell Williams


VS 2013 #4 – The correct use of shovels


It is tradition, at this time of the year to wish others well, to celebrate the success and ponder the failures of yet another year in our lives.  To share gifts, to kiss under the mistletoe and to have sex with Santa.  So this year, we took turns to give Santa the present he so richly deserves.  For Kurac it was a quasi-mystical experience, reminding him of his short, passionate love affair with David Crosby in the summer of 81.  Well, the beard rash was the real reminder.  Ringfinger, well he has always had bad memories of Christmas past.  This just added another to giant, growing catalogue that one day will help Dr Bob, the VS psychiatrist retire disgracefully to Vegas where Kitty the roulette dealer is waiting to fleece him.  You see, everyone we touch has gold waiting over the brown rainbow.  And SCSI-b, well she would not partake in this kind of abject puerile nonsense.  God for her puritan soul we say.  So onto the music…


SCSI-b and Ringfinger were very taken with punchdrunk’s new production in London called ‘The Drowned Man’.  It was an entirely discontinuous and dense immersive theatre production littered with cool sounds.  Here are three.  Firstly we have The Bootleggers from the Lawless soundtrack featuring Nick Cave and Burnin Hell. Next up is the amazing Shangri-Las, inaccurately only ever remembered for Leader of the Pack, but this amazing song actually came one single before that hit in 1964 (and went to #5).  Apparently, the original version is over 7 minutes long, unheard of in this era of the 7″ single.  Finally, April March with her cover of the France Gall ye-ye classic ‘Chick Habit – original version called Lasse Tomber les Filles’

Next we move onto the Kurac Collection.  He is the owner of the worlds largest collection of plush, puppet, animated, marionette and simply creepy Christian doll pop.  There is no one who can beat his collection.  I know, I was with him when we picked up the crowning glory of his collection at Boxhanger Platz market in Berlin – The prototype Little Marcy. E mail me for pictures.  Bernie the Billy Goat sings ‘Love is the reason’.  I have no idea why. Or How.  Charlie the Hamster sings Bible Stories came out in 1973 and features this little piece of Jesus Loving Chipmunkxploitation (More to come on this term later) and finally we get Little Marcy.  Oh where do we start.  She’s a doll. A real doll.  Who sings.  About Jesus, the devil and her little pussy.  We are not kidding.  Google it boys and girls.  This time she sings Devil, Devil, Go away.

lou_reedimages (4)

Next we pay tribute to the late great Lou Reed.  I ain’t going to make jokes, not even about Master Ren.  So we have Yugoslav new wave legends Elektricni Orgazm doing ‘I’m waiting for the man’ from their Les Chansones Populaires in 1983.  Then there is probably one of the most inappropriate cover versions ever committed to vinyl, and that is Rolf Harris taking a walk on the wild side and finally a cover that deserves and the mighty Galaxie 500 doing ‘Here she comes now’.  Hearing Dean Wareham do this in London a few years back was existential at best.


Yup, we begged him not to, but he insisted.  We called the lawyers. We asked for those cease and desist letters that ungrateful studios send to fans when they are trying to get people to read their slash fantasies between Peter Griffin and a giant chicken.  But we could not stop him.  DJ Ringfinger is back with a track called ‘Popular uses for a shovel’ mixing some post slowcore with amateur poetry record at SUNY in new York in 1976 (two poems by Bill Herilhy).  You can find the entire tape find here.

We abruptly end the sad life of Alvin, Simon and Theodore as they equally and quite inappropriately sing Walk on the Wild Side, with no amended lyrics.  yes, Chipmunks singing about giving head, and yes, its real, it’s from a K-Tel record called ‘Chipmunk Punk’.  After the gunshots we move to some Chipmunkxploitation.  Yes, it’s a real word, only those bastards at the so-called Oxford ‘English’ dictionary won’t recognise it. Featuring Chipmunks, hamsters, squirrels, whatever form of acorn filled cheek puffing furry creatures you could speed up human voices to imitate, they found ’em.  Here are two such beasts, Squirrely and Shirley from 1976 and The Nutty Squirrels from 1959.  These bookend the actual Chipmucks doing a cover Devo’s Whip it.  I think both SCSI-b and I are a little worried at the Kurac obsession with this.  You should see his Christmas list.  Oh Lord, Santa might blush.

Two tracks that are related only by the fact that Ringfinger found them in a record store on Sunday when he should have been hanging with the in-laws.  A man has to know his priorities.  The first is German maestro James Last covering Colored Spade from Hair.  F-U.N.K-Y.  The next is psych dude band ‘The Dave Pike Set’ and the heavy as funk cover of the James Brown’s ‘Got the Feelin’.  Both of these tracks will be heard at our final Beat Special for the year, Saturday 14th December at Foots Muziekcafe in the Hague.  Be there for crazy visuals, dirty great stinking beats and two of us plus our dear WYW radio friend DJ Mr Six.


Let’s finish off the set with two more songs featured in the Drowning Man.  From the soundtrack of Twin Peaks – Fire Walk with Me is the amazing ‘The Pink Room’ and finally we rock out with  Melt yourself down and their track ‘We are enough’.  This amazing track was released through Bandcamp this year and you can get it for yourself at this link.


Well, there you have it, another show, another year, half of what we did last year.  Yes, we are slowing down in our old age.  But will be back with SCSI-b and her wrap up of 2013 and then again next year with more vinyl madness, more weird shit and more warped and cracked music, and don’t forget, on Christmas day, be kind to your fellow man (woman or Billy goat) and stick a 12″ up yo….

Burnin’ Hell – The Bootleggers (featuring Nick Cave)
Remember (Walking in the Sand) – The Shangri-Las
Chick Habit – April March
Love is the Reason – Bernie the Billy Goat
Books of the new testament – Charlie the Hamster
I’m waiting for my man – Elektricni Orgazm
Walk on the Wild Side – Rolf Harris
Here she comes – Galaxie 500
Popular uses for a shovel – A sad waltz in d-minor
Walk on the Wild Side – a life cut short – The Chipmunks
Hey Shirley – Shirley and Squirelly
Whip It – The Chipmunks
Eager Beaver – The Nutty Squirrels
Kung Fu Fighting – Pinky and Perky
Coloured Spade – James Last
I got the Feelin’ – The Dave Pike Set
The Pink Room – Angelo Badalamenti
We are enough – Melt yourself down


Wide Open Sodomy #2 – Twerking at the black moon


And the challenge was brought forth, steeped in time and darkness. ancient forces have aligned

Hughes of Dick, Flarrety of Bruce, the bizarre Adrian Guineas and the man in black, Kal – E- daaaaaaaaaaa.

Paths were sown, crops were concreted and destiny was a bad Jackson 5 album.

He of the early curleyness sought to wreck vengeance upon a giant ring finger.


Black White

Evil Good

Bush Gore

Abe Richard

Scooby Doo

Velma — ohhh, velma

This is Wide Open Sodomy vs Curley
May the best gold encrusted digit…WIN

Wide Open Sodomy #2 – Twerking at the black moon by Djringfinger on Mixcloud


In Black and White
A Walk in the Black Forest – Horst Jankowski
WBF intro/I am an asswhipe
Noir C’est Noir – Johnny Hallyday
Paint it Black – The Syssys
Marie doceur-marie colere – Marie Laforet
Did god call the apostle paul to preach to the black man (A.A Allen) vs Black magic woman (Ralf Kuhn)
The Black Hole – New Christs
Black Hole Sun – Steve Lawrence and Edyie Gorme
Black Mule – GW McLennan
I fear the Night – Otto Cesana
Fear (late at night) – Exploding White Mice
Have you dug his scene? – Yaphet Kotto
Blahniks, Broadway and Balls (This is not a response about colour) – A Sad Waltz in D-Minor
Black Juju – Roland S Howard and Lydia Lunch



VS 1984: Revenge of the Nerds

images (2)

1984. What a magical year. Kurac opened the batting for Australia against a depleted Indian side celebrating the Golden Jubilee of the Ranji Trophy. SCSI was apparently listening to hours of Dutch Happy hardcore and Ringfinger, well, to be fair to him, much of those days are still covered by the Official Secrets Act, the Spies Like Us Act and a pinkie swear with all the girls from Omega Moo. Basically SCSI called a VS meeting (there were sticky buns, large mugs of tea and somewhat randomly, the stuffed and mounted carcass of a dead magpie) and told us that we were going to do a themed 1984 special, and proceeded to give us hundreds of tracks that had nothing to do with 1984. So we hatched plans around songs that lasted 1984 seconds, or songs about 1984, or the bleeding obvious covering George Orwell’s movie with the soundtrack by Eurythmics. Instead, we just got bored and picked songs released in or around the year 1984.


Let’s start with a newly discovered eighties masterpiece by DJ Ringfinger (under the guise ‘a sad waltz in d-minor’). Released in 1984 this track features the vocal work of budding young representative Ron Paul predicting the age of government spying and political surveillance. Nah, will never happen. This is followed by Giorgio Moroder with a short vocal interjection from Limahl and the instrumental version of the titles track from ‘The Neverending Story’, the story of a boy and his huge giant white monster. This is backed by the Video Kids and the extended remix of Woodpeckers from Space. Would you believe this was a Dutch track? There was also a South African cover version.

Thierry Romain was a child star in his native France. This track ‘Quand il Chantait’ (translates as ‘When he sang’) was his one and only hit. He has since retired back to Nice and is an opera singer apparently. Lyrical samples include ‘…”Love is a bunch of violets, tonight pluck, pluck these flowers because deep in my soul There is a woman It is you who will always be my only love’. Probably better in French. Next from Eurovision 1984 we bring the might that was Yugoslavia’s entry, helmed by Vlado and Isolda, singing in Yugoslav and sing titled in Italian. The duo was comprised in some way Euro way of people called Vlado Kalember and Izolda Barudžija. According to our extensive research (Wikipedia), the video for Ciao Amore was not shown on Turkish state television because Barudžija appeared bathing topless. Finally in this little triple, we stay in the Balkans and deliver Denis & Denis and their paen to the computer ‘Program tvog kompjutera’ (translates as Program your computer). Would you believe these Rijeka based musicians have reformed and have a new record out.

Onto SCSI-b and her choices. Sledgehammer was a ubiquitous track in 1984 and Peter Gabriel owned the planet. This is the 12” remix of the track, which of course complied with most of the important conditions of an eighties remix, a simplified drum beat, some repeated vocal phrases, some pitch shifting and a 6-7 min run-time. Kick the habit. Next is Perth band, Eurogliders and their huge Aussie hit Heaven (must be there) from the ‘This Island’ record. This song enjoyed marginal success outside of Australia with the song released several months later in North America, peaking at #47 in Canada, and at #65 on the US Billboard Hot 100 chart.


Back to Belgium and new wave legends Telex. Trivia about Telex, they were selected to appear at Eurovision for Belgium. The lead singer of the band Marc Moulin noted ‘…We had hoped to finish last, but Portugal decided otherwise. We got ten points from them and finished on the 19th spot.’ Sandie Shaw started her comeback in 1984 with the help of Morrissey and Johnny Marr who offered ‘Hand in love’ for her to record, which she did admirably. Next we skip back across the Channel into Germany and the global smash that was 99 luftballoons (btw, Nena was the name of the band, not the singer, she was called Gabriele Kerner! Other fact, the English version 99 red balloons was a completely rewritten lyric).

Let’s take this mother home! Bobby Orlando and his track ‘German Girl’ is a slide of Euro disco. Shalamar hits the title track from the Joyce Hyser vehicle ‘Just one of the guys’. Joyce who you say? People, get with the programme. She made, umm, well, a few movies, but Just One of the Guys was the most popular. Plot: Hot girl, didn’t get summer job due to sexism, goes to new school as a boy, falls in love, gets found out etc. Then we get The Rubinoos and their early version of sampling classic title track ‘Revenge of the Nerds’ (did you know there is a connection between Revenge of the Nerds and West Wing, with numerous cast cross-overs)

And in the end, we get a Prince track released in 1984 redone as part of the Romeo and Juliet soundtrack. Quindon Tarver apparently auditioned for American idol in season 7 and got eliminated at the Hollywood rounds. Well, that as they say is that. We actually have more than enough material for a part two of 1984. If you ask nicely, we might release on the world more bad Eurovision, eurodisco, Aussie and Kurac’s descent in clap percussion madness.

A sad waltz in d-minor – Perfect prediction
Giorgio Moroder and Limahl – Neverending Story (instrumental)
Video Kids – Woodpeckers from Space (extended mix)
Thierry Romain – Quand il Chantait
Vlado and Isolda – Ciao Amore
Denis & Denis – Program tvog kompjutera
Peter Gabriel – Sledgehammer
Eurogliders – Heaven (must be there)
Telex – l’amour toujours
Sandie Shaw – Hand in Glove
Nena – 99 Luftballoons
Bobby Orlando – German Girl
Shalamar – Just one of the guys
The Rubinoos – Revenge of the Nerds
Quinden Tarver- When Doves Cry

VS 2013 Show 2 – George W Bush doesn’t like black people (or Taylor Swift)


Alright, we know. We have heard loud and clear. You want us back. We have been inundated with an email asking ‘when are you lazy fckers making another show?’ We wrote back in abusive tones that it was really ‘none of your fracking business Mr Pope whatyoucallyerself the first’. But for you dear listeners, we are happy to report that we are presenting for duty our second show of the year entitled ‘George W Bush doesn’t like black people (or Taylor Swift). What have been up to in the preceding few months? What? Aside from the weeks’ worth of effort it takes to make this masterpiece? Well Ringfinger has been seeking spiritual counsel, trying to find ‘his’ ‘zen space’ whatever the hell that means. We think it is just where he touches his pee-pee. SCSI-b has been learning Dutch in order to complete her lifelong ambition to watch My Kitchen Rules in every Germanic language. Ik hoop dat Jake en Elle verliezen aan het einde van mijn keuken regels. Ze zuigen. Kurac and his tempestuous relationship with Angela Merkel is going very well, thanks for asking.

Wide Open Road 2013 Show 2 – George Bush doesn't like black people by Djringfinger on Mixcloud

Onto ‘the business’ as they say nowhere in particular. We start the show with some found spoken word from Canada about a man and his SSS. We think sexy is not one of those words. We have matched this with some classic library sounds from Jack Arel. Next we have a triple play from Kurac who delves deep into his collection of madness and brings you a version of the Beatles classic ‘Come Together’. Sure when you hear the flute you want to run, but wait until the guitar kicks in, it fuzzier than a bear. David McCallum (noted as playing Russian spy Illya Nickovetch Kuryakin in the Man from UNCLE) drops the Batman Theme and finally we get more weirdness through Tripsichord Music Box, a SF based sixties group who were managed by the famous Matthew Katz (who also managed Jefferson Airplane, Moby Grape et al).

A couple of track we found at Sister Ray in London. For some reason they had a huge box of Italian sixties and seventies juke box singles and we bought, well, a few to be honest. Here are two, one from Quelli, a great sixties Italian beat band doing their version of Michel Polnareff’s La Poupée Qui Fait Non in Italian. We then get French great Nino Ferrer doing ‘Re di Cuori’ which apparently translates at the ‘King of Hearts’ from 1970. To wrap that break up, Jacques Dutronc. Say no more.

Some rap now people. One the finer exponents of NYC rap is of course French 80s rapper Kari Kollgang throwing down in his rap battle with the harsh insult ‘Solid as a knucklehead’ (it sounds better in French). Upto Kanye to show some school spirit, smack down a president, insult Taylor Swift and then make a collaborative platter with Mr Beyone. Word.

Talulah Gosh were an amazing band out of Oxford, UK. This single released in 1986 was their second offering and was a significant part of the twee-pop movement (factoid – they took their name from an interview in NME with Altered Images singer Clare Grogan – no wonder Kurac likes them). Australian band ‘Even as we Speak’ who released a number of beautiful singles on Sarah Records around the same time bring us their take on the New Order song and finally courtesy of SCSI-b Grimes immense Oblivion wraps the set up.

Oh people, now you are in for a treat. Sure, we love Five or Six and their cut ‘Another reason’ but really its just foreplay before we get to PETER IVERS. Peter Ivers was a mainstay of our earlier radio show ‘Vinyl Sodomy’, which was broadcast to three cats, a taxi driver named Ahmed and three people dogging in Centennial Park Sydney. Only making a handful of records, Peter Ivers was a singer songwriter and TV performer from Boston. His tragic story came to an end in 1983 when he was found dead in apartment bludgeoned to death with a hammer. No-one has ever been charged. Uplifting, eh? That aside, his records are amazing, expensive and simply worth every penny.

Frank and Daryl Kuntz. Yes that is their real name. From the brilliant ‘Way out Junk’ blog- ‘… If you watched channel 39 out of Dallas, Texas in the early 80′s, you might remember Frank and Darryl Kuntz, the hosts of the kids show “The Good Time Gang”. They’d sing songs, give out prizes to kids at home, and even throw a bit of religion into the mix!’ is the perfect lead into some Dutch beat with ‘Lady Sex’, a song I had going around my head when I watch the ‘Book of Mormon’ but was not in the show and the theme to the Australian youth soap opera ‘Class of ‘74’ by Brian Cadd.

This leads us to our last track and the Divinyls with the old Easybeats classic, ‘I’ll Make You Happy’. Lead singer Chrissy Amphlett died this week at age 52. I loved the Divinyls. They made brilliant rock songs, with distinctive vocals and great guitar lines. Their sound track to the Aussie film ‘Monkey Grip’ is great and album after album they dropped lines of classic singles. VS salute you Ms Amphlett. I hope they have plenty of school girl outfits and monitor stacks there.

Spoken word – Heart Line vs Jack Arel
Triode – Come Together
David McCallum – Batman
Tripsichord Music Box – The New Word
Quelli – Una Bambolina Che Fa No No No
Nino Ferrer – Re di Couri
Jacques Dutronc – Et Moi, Et Moi, Et Moi
Kari Kollgang – Plein comme une andouille
Kanye West – School Spirit
Kanye West, Taylor Swift and Mike Myers vs dj ringfinger – George Bush doesn’t like black people/and so the waters rose (extract)
Kanye west and Jay-z – welcome to the Jungle
Talulah Gosh – Beatnick Boy
Even as we Speak – Bizarre Love Triangle
Grimes – Oblivion
Five or Six – Another reason
Peter Ivers – Audience of One
Frank and Daryl Kuntz – I’m Frank and I’m Daryl
Eddy Dyan & The Saints – Lady Sex
Janeen Brady and the Brite Singers – I’m a mormon
Brian Cadd – The class of ’74 theme
Divinyls – I’ll make you happy

A slight detour – Wide Open Sodomy – God is a killer!

images (1)

Well, we were challenged by the might and majesty of DJ Earley Curley. He said maketh a show for Easter that was 66 minutes and 6 seconds long. He said maketh this show epic and easter-full. He said that he would make us suffer with the glory of his own show. Here is that show…

ISHTAR 2013 (EC mix) by Dj Earley Curley on Mixcloud

We said, sure, whatevs.

So we bring you the first smack-down ever between the biblical might of Wide Open Road, your favourite Aussie indie music show and the perverse emptiness of those heathens at Vinyl Sodomy. We could have called this show Vinyl Road, but that was too dirty even for us. So we went with ‘Wide Open Sodomy’. Much cleaner. Much holier. Even more catholic guilt and vestments that you can shake a chrism coated finger at.

Enjoy and watch DJ Ringfinger burn in the fires of hell and damnation, or as we call it over here. Prime. Minister . Tony. Abbott. Really? Really Australia? Really?

Wide Open Sodomy – God is a Killer!! by Djringfinger on Mixcloud

worship-satan-400images (2)
A.A Allen – God is a Killer
Pius – Bring Jesus Back (Techno version)
Crow – god-fearing shareholders of the Lord
Laughing Clowns – Bride of Jesus
Jesus and Spanish eyes
Ronald K Wells and Youth Choir – God is dead/If God is dead
The Birthday Party – Big Jesus Trash Can
Flea/Johnny Lee Willis – Happy Easter Asshole/Peter Cottontail
Lydia Lunch and Clint Ruin – Don’t Fear the Reaper
Ya Ya Choral – God’s Buzzsaw
A teenager talks
Kiss My Poodles Donkey – I am God
Box the Jesuit – Satan
The Sunbeams – I fell in love with one of Satan’s daughters
Hoss – Satan the cleaning lady
Aerobic exercise to Contemporary Christian Music – Jesus keeps taking me higher and higher
Beasts of Bourbon – Hope you find your way to heaven

Sacred Cowboys – Hell sucks
Rusty Adams – If Jesus played a guitar
Died Pretty – Godbless

VS 2013 Show 1 – Confessions of a MILF

evil men do 3

VS header

We predicted the end of the world.  We prepared for the rapture.  We filled every one of 17 cupboards with tins of baked beans.  We waited.  We eat all the baked beans.  We waited some more.  We had to leave the room, rapture or not.  This show, this very piece of thick beautiful black plastic you hold before you is the result of our revelation from those dark, dark minutes we faced death and eternal damnation together.

VS is back for another season.  More Kurac.  More Ringfinger. And yes, more SCSI-b.  Each in equal but quite distinct doses.  And this year we start as we left of, really fucking warped.  Two tape findings, one from the Russian cruise liner ‘Belorussiya’ and their house band called ‘Rendezvous’ or рандеву as they must have been called, and the other from an Australian preacher seemingly enraptured himself, mainly around the word ‘come’.  Both from around 1980 and found in thrift shops for about A$1 each, we cheekily then melded them with the classic porn sounds of ‘Super Erotica’.  It is without doubt a cheap thrill in the VS household.

Next up we have two tracks from SCSI-b’s ‘what she did miss out on in the 2012 special and wanted people to think she was too cool to mention it’.  We start with some Kendrick Lamar dubstep madness and Higher Ground by TNGHT morphed into the ‘future soul sound’ of Hiatus Kaiyote.  Being the youngest of the collective at a spritely 12 years, SCSI-b is the only who understands ‘the internet’ and therefore knows that these tracks have something called ‘YouTube’ videos…is that like Betamax?

Two pieces of eighties whacked outness from Kurac next,  firstly INU, a punk/new wave from Osaka in the late seventies/early eighties.  According to last.fm, the lead singer has written a novel with the same name as this song.  Interesting fact, apparently.  Nash the Slash on the other hand are not from Osaka, nor has their lead singer written a novel.  It is from 1984 and the record was called ‘American Band-ages’.  You don’t believe us, see the cover.  Ringfinger find sit vaguely arousing.


Next, we have the amazing Viv Albertine, from the Slits with a track from her new solo album ‘Vermilion Border’.  Ringfinger saw her live the Hague a few months back and was blown away.  He even wrote to her via email to tell her.  Whiny fanboy.  Next is Lydia Lunch and Roland S Howard doing the Lee Hazelwood classic ‘Some Velvet Morning’.  Next up, we bring you Gina X Performance from deep within the heart of North Rhine -Westphalia, Koln in Germany and her 1979 track ‘Nice Mover’

Like flies to a giant pile of rotting trash, we keep coming back to the wellspring that is the fart sounds and accidental glitches of DJ Ringfinger.  This time he Korg’s his way to hip-hop stardom matched against a tape finding of a girl rapping about love (with a few small bursts of the Beach Boys – don’t sue us Mike Love – sue Ringfinger)

The sixties psych freakouts courtesy of Kurac next.  Tim Maia from Brazil offers up his ‘Flamengo bossa’, Fred Karlin from 1969 Paramount Movies soundtrack of the Sterile Cuckoo brings you the Weirdos and finally everyone’s favourite Yugobeat band Grupo 220 with ‘kamo vodi sad sve to’ from 1969.

Back to SCSI-b and her frankly transparent but ultimately successful attempts to remain relevant.  Benjamin Biolay is a fan fave of this show, having playing a few of his cuts at various DJ nights and slumber parties we have MC’ed at.  This is from his new LP and features the ex-Mrs Johnny Depp Vanessa Paradis duetting.  This is followed up by Ned Collette and the track ‘Long you lie’.  More betamax cassettes follow. And I am sure SCSI-b will ask you to pay special attention to the one with Biolay. She may find him vaguely arousing. But clearly not as much as we all find Nash the Slash.

and we round out this first show back with four punk tracks.  Of course, we had to start with the boys from Punchbowl, NSW, Australia – The Hard Ons.  Having spent many years playing in parks on or near Bonds Road in Punchbowl (minds.  gutters. dirty bastards.  ringfinger had three aunts who lived in tow houses next to each other on Bonds Road.  Now, calm down people) we have an affinity for the Hard-ons.  especially with their note perfect cover of ‘then I kissed her’.  Next we have East German punk madness from Lorenz Loren and his tribute to the former DDR leader Eric Honecker.  Next up is SCSI-b punk of choice, the mighty Frenzal Rhomb and their tribute to Oscar award winning NZ actor Russell Crowe.  and finally Chris Townend and Kent Steedman (in the guise of Crent) offer their take on the civic duty to expand literacy and vocabulary.


Well, that is the lot of it.  56:35 of your life you won’t want back again because you realise that as always with listening to this show, you are now 56:35 closer to a life lived with the baby jebus.


Dark eyes – Rendezvous the cruise band from the cruise ship Belorussiya c1979
Jesus comes vs Super Erotica
Higher Ground – TNGHT
Nakamarra – Hiatus Kaiyote
Tsuru Tsuru no Tsubo – INU
Hey Joe – Nash the Slash
Confessions of a MILF – Viv Albertine
Some velvet morning – Lydia Lunch and Roland S Howard
Nice mover – gina x performance
I couldn’t live without you and I love you – DJ Ringfinger
Flamengo bossa – Tim Maia
The weirdos – Fred Karlin
Kamo vodi sad sve to – Grupa 220
Profite – Benjamin Biolay featuring Vanessa Paradis
Long you lie – Ned Collette
Then I kissed her – Hard-ons
Honecker in Cambodia – Lorenz Loren
Russell Crowe’s Band – Frenzal Rhomb
Extended Vocabuluary – Crent


VS 2012 Show 6 – Out of the starter gun and into the fire: best of 2012 or SCSI-b takes control of the wheels of steel. Ringfinger and Kurac stand idly by

VS 2012 presents – Out of the starter gun and into the fire: best of 2012

Download this great podcast from WhatYouWant Radio or from our new(ish) Soundcloud

It’s been a very sporting year at VS HQ, at least for the likes of
SCSI-B who is proud to present her first solo effort with this best of
2012 offering. Having traveled some 150,000 km through 25 countries
this year, you might have expected more oddities in this selection,
but currently living in an apartment sans turntable (the horror!)
leaves room for only a selection of digital’s greatest.

And so we set off with Kindness, this year’s selection so
running-themed it’s practically a jogging soundtrack. All through the
streets of Helsinki we enjoyed this track. Next up, Tame Impala with
the latest incarnation of neo-psychadelica, from my hometown, Perth,
no less. They say there’s a scene there now, I failed to spot one if
that’s true. Nigel Godrich-produced Here we go Magic next, and then a
track whose live version I wish had been released, from Orbital. This
tune soundtracks my number one viral video of the year: Orbital
playing the Paralymic Opening Ceremony, Stephen Hawking providing the
voice over while thousands of dancers pretend to the the Large Hadron
Collider. Just great. See for yourself:

Next, a leap to a cut from the recording released alongside one of the
best shows all year, Penderecki and Greenwood at the Barbican. Playing
violins like guitars? Oh yes. More upbeatness from Union, Django
Django and Fiona Apple’s very lovely “Idler Wheel…”. Very difficult
to choose which of the latter two provided my album of the year,
probably both. Skipping ahead, Andrew Bird has song of the year with
“Give it Away” and its elegant shuffling break, which I listened to
somewhat incessantly at the hotel gym in Yaoundé, taking the lyrics
far too literally.

Nearing the finish line, Hundred Waters surely have the best track
title of all time, and their folky/electronica sound is alright with
me. Lastly, we finish with Thom Yorke’s supergroup, Atoms for Peace
with their full album to look forward to early in 2013.

So many others brought out albums this year: Actress, Flying Lotus,
Rufus Wainwright, The Shins, Frank Ocean, Sleigh Bells, be assured we
liked them too. Someone always has to finish out of the medals. Until
next year!

That’s alright – Kindness
Feels like we only go backwards – Tame Impala
Over the ocean – Here we go Magic
Where is it going? – Orbital
Pacay Tree: 48 Responses to Polymorphia – Ausko Orchestra & Marek Moss
(Composer: Jonny Greenwood)
Baby Mama – Union
Waveforms – Django Django
Anything we want – Fiona Apple
Forget – Lianne la Havas
Yet Again – Grizzly Bear
Give it Away – Andrew Bird
Mannequin – When Saints go Machine
Flesh of Morning – Jonti
Hot Chip – Flutes
Loner – Burial
. . . __ __ __ . . . Hundred Waters
Default – Atoms for Peace

Check out the latest works by DJ Ringfinger and his incredibly invisible quintet right here (http://www.soundcloud.com/djringfinger and http://www.fabricationdebruit.com/loss) . It was a busy 2012 for ring (that’s what we call him).  This is a paid for commercial on behalf of DJ Ringfinger enterprises. We wouldn’t help the sad sod even if he was on fire unless he/she paid us some of the sweet moolah they get from the 2-3 hits a year to the site.


VS Show 5 – A little less conversation

It is a truth, universally acknowledged, that all men in possession of a good fortune must be in want of an Elvis.  VS 2012 has frequently chosen to acknowledge that Elvis has never left the building.  He might have popped down to the shops, picked up some porn and beer and rode the white horse of life all the way back to Graceland.  But he is not dead.  No way. Not possible.  To that end, and to celebrate the efforts of Elvis fans everywhere who have been debating actively the key questions about the life of EAP, such as…would Elvis at 77 have gone for the Johnny Cash growing old look or the Tom Jones growing old look – we bring you Show 5 of the return of VS in what we imaginatively called ‘ A little less conversation’.

We start of course with Elvis, and a suite of pieces by, from, about and for the King.  We start with Elvis himself, in a personalised tribute to VS thanking us for keeping the legend alive.  We follow this Mary Mathis in song telling the story of the birth of baby Elvis. We sample a small segment from the legendary ‘Having fun on stage with Elvis’ record, which literally is just 33 minutes of the bits of banter Elvis treated the crowd to during his sober, clean and physically fit Vegas show days.  Well, well, well.  He is the NBC peacock.  Finally, we have a live version of a ‘A little less conversation’ from Vegas which doesn’t feature ELVIS at all, despite the song having lyrics and well-known ones at that.  Perhaps he was praying, or teaching young kids the evils of taking weapons to the White House.  We will never know the truth.


We move away from the King to pay tribute seriously to the late Darryl Cotton, lead singer of many of an Australian band, who died a few months back.  We play the mighty Zoot’s version of Eleanor Rigby, followed up the sitar and moog madness of Lord Sitar doing the same. We wrap this bracket up with the Australian sixties legends ‘The Loved Ones’ doing the imaginatively titled ‘The Loved One’.


Three more tracks from the sixties this time.  Paul Simul is a Belgian garage rocker and this piece of freakbeat is a b-side to a single from 1966, which we follow this with Marc Aryan, also French Belgian and a purveyor of sixties pop and finally John-Phillipe Smet. Better known as the French Elvis, or Johnny Hallyday, he rocks out with his version of Hey Joe.


Love is the answer.  Simple really.  Especially the love from Jebus, Although we thought we left all of that God stuff behind us in Show 4.  The trouble is that you can never trust SCSI-b when she starts going all religious postal on your holy ass.  How wrong we were to doubt her spiritual stuff?  Tammy Swindell keeps the faith by singing two by two well.   We follow this up with another piece by that master of the amateur, DJ Ringfinger.  It is charity really, allowing him to pollute the vinyl purity of this show.  But this time he ups the ante and produces a suite of all things.  A suite?  Really? Wanker much?  Based around found messages off an answering machine, parts 1 and 2 of this ‘suite’ are called ‘Please don’t read my journals, they are mine’ and ‘I am coming for my things’.  If you like what he does then you can check out his soundcloud at http://www.soundcloud.com/djringfinger or you can get all multi-media on his ass and check out his video/sound/sexy words project at http://www.fabricationdebruit.com/loss.  But please keep him away from SCSI-b’s possum.  Last time, it took three tow trucks to clean up the mess.

Next is the glitching debut of our newest member (hehe, Ringfinger said member..snigger). Welcome with her iPad of Doom, SCSCi-b.  We found her wandering the streets, with a small dead possum in her left hand and her record collection in her right.  We took her in, fed her,  and made her our newest DJ.  And she returns the favour with two tracks here both called default. One by Django Django and the other by Atoms for Peace, the new supagroop featuring Thom Yorke of Radiohead, and FLEA!!??!. 


Keep with the theme of repetition, Kurac brings you two tracks from Super Freego, A zeuhl prog-rock band from France.  You don’t know what zeuhl is? What kind of music fans are you? (actually Ringfinger had no idea and SCSI-b thought it would make a great name for her dead possum, which she had previously called Albert).  Well, fro Wikipedia, here is the definition of Zeuhl prog… Zeuhl is an adjective in Kobaïan, the language written by Christian Vander, drummer and founder of the French band Magma.

The word means celestial, although many times it is misunderstood as
meaning “celestial music”, since the members of Magma describe the
genre of their music as Zeuhl. Zeuhl Wortz, though, means Music of the
universal might.

The genre is a mixture of musical genres like Neoclassicism,
Romanticism, Modernism and Fusion. Common elements: oppressive or
discipline-conveying feel, marching themes, throbbing bass, an
ethereal piano or Rhodes piano, and brass instruments.

Kindness play ‘That’s alright’, as the final selection from SCSI-b before she puts Zeuhl to bed and closes her eyes for sleepy-bo-bo time. We round out the set with two tracks from the seventies (seventies).  Quartz and Devo smack each other about and call their tracks Frank.  The Devo track is from their album ‘Duty Now For The Future / New Traditionalists’ and the Quartz track is simply entitled Discoland


Well that is that.  Zeuhl is not snoring quietly in the corner (actually Zeuhl is smelling a bit, perhaps time for a proper burial – let’s get Christian Zander to do it in Kobaïan).  Elvis has left our building, perhaps to go down the road and throttle Mary Mathis until she stops singing.  Ringfinger is in the corner next to Zuehl sulking, and Kurac, well who the freak knows what Kurac does at night.  He is on the other side of the world.  I heard he can walk on the earth upside whilst simultaneously drawing penises (penisi?) on pictures from the Melbourne Herald-Sun.

Until Show 6.


Elvis has not left the building


Elvis himself!

The legend of Elvis Presley Mary Mathis
A little less conversation by Elvis Presley
Having fun on stage with Elvis Presley
Eleanor Rigby –  Zoot
Eleanor Rigby – Lord Sitar
The Loved One – The Loved Ones
Bye, Bye Dave – Paul Simul
Georgina – Marc Aryan
Hey Joe – Johnny Hallyday
Love in the answer – unknown
Two by Two – Tammy Swindell
Default – Django Django
Default – Atoms for Peace
a la folie – Super Freego
m’en fous – Super Freego
Messages –  DJ Ringfinger

Part 1 Please don’t read my journals, they are mine

Part 2 I am coming for my things

That’s alright – Kindness
Discoland – Quartz
Triumph of the will – Devo