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vs pod #1

Ohio! Welcome to the first show of the new VS. You know, I could write up reams and reams of comment and information. But you have the internet right? So, all you are going to get is some track details and a kick arse podcast. And maybe a joke or two. Not a bad deal by any standards. Oh, and the intro for the show will always be an extract from the amazing lead track on the Kelly Lee Owens LP Inner Song called Arpeggi. I first discovered Kelly when she was the bass player in the History of Apple Pie and worked at Rough Trade East.

Arpeggi – Kelly Lee Owens (2020) from the LP Inner Song

Freedom Baby – Serge Gainsbourg and Michel Columbier (1968) from the Bande Originale Du Film “Mister Freedom”

Les Electroniciens- Bruno Spoerri (1971) 7″ single

En Chomage – Jean Bernard de Libreville (1966) from the EP 10 Minutes 35 Secondes D’Hyperno-Music

Woman Power – Yoko Ono (1973) from the LP Feeling the Space

Memento Mori – Patti Smith (1997) from the LP Peace and Noise

Ship – Thalia Zedek (2004) from the LP Trust Not Those In Whom Without Some Touch Of Madness

No Mercy for She – Shannon Wright and Yann Tiersen (2004) Self-titled LP

Amy – Yann Tiersen (2010) from the LP Dust Lane

The Messenger – Daniel Lanois (1993) from the LP For The Beauty Of Wynona

Paint the Sun – The Czars (2004) from the LP Goodbye

Farewell Transmission – Songs:Ohia (2003) from the LP The Magnolia Electric Co

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