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vs pod #2

On this week’s show we delve deep into the belly of experimental krautrock, the noisy fringes of John Cale and we kick off with a new track from Melbourne’s Art of Fighting and a brilliant cut from Denmark’s Solid Sea (featuring my friend Julie on vocals). You can find their album to download at Bandcamp

The Genie – Art of Fighting (2019) from the LP Luna Low

Like Ships – Sea Life Park (2003) from the LP We Get What You Deserve

Heat -Solid Sea (2015) from the LP Salty Air (which you can buy from Bandcamp here)

Afraid – Nico (1970) from the LP Desertshore

Fear is a Man’s Best Friend – John Cale (1974) from the LP Fear

Church of Anthrax – John Cale and Terry Riley (1971) from the LP Church of Anthrax

Burning Sister – Amon Düül II (1970) from LP Yeti

Light my Fire – The Mops (1968) – from the LP Psychedelic Sounds in Japan

Freedom of a Mad Paper Lantern – Shinki Chen (1971) – from the LP Shinki Chen

The Green Manalishi (with the two-prong crown) – Fleetwood Mac (1970) from the Very Best of Peter Green’s Fleetwood Mac (for the Green God)

What Else is New – Dinosaur Jr (1992) from the LP Where You Been

Chloe Dancer/Crown of Thorns – Mother Love Bone (1992) from the Soundtrack to the movie Singles

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