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vs pod #4

It didn’t start out that way, but this show we basically play a shitload of nineties women with the occasional side swing into some amazing blasts of euro sixties including would you believe a German cover of Paranoid? Now, those of who you followed VS MKII and the original radio version of VS (called Vinyl Sodomy) might have heard Cindy und Bert, but those of you new to the playlist, you are in for a treat. We also feature some French Belly, Camden Lush, Canadian Martha and Den Haag’s Rita Reys. Oh this show has a language warning, but any of you who know me won’t be offended.

Rebel Girl – Bikini Kill (1993) from the EP New Radio

Circle – The Holez (1993) from the 7″ single

All Hands on the Bad One – Sleater Kinney (2000) from the LP All Hands on the Bad One

Chick Habit – April March (1995) from the EP Chick Habit

You just Gotta Know my mind – Karen Verros (1965) from the compilation Girls In The Garage Volume 6

Berlin – Heidi Brühl (1969) from the compilation The In-Kraut Vol 1

Come to Scheveningen – Rita Reys (1968) from the 7″ single

Tame me Tiger – Bonny St Claire (1967) from the compilation Biet Het Vol 3

Der Hunds von Baskerville- Cindy und Bert (1971) from the EP Holly Holy

360 – Pet (1996) from the LP Pet

Massive Tangled Muscle – Die Cheerleader! (1995) from the LP Son of Filth

Mat’s Prozac – Mice (1996) from the LP from the LP …because I can

Ladykillers – Lush (1996) from the LP Lovelife

Fuck and Run (live) – Liz Phair (1998) from Live at Sessions at West 54th Street

Bloody Mother Fucking Asshole – Martha Wainwright (2005) from the LP Martha Wainwright

Judas Mon Coeur – Belly (1995) from the Sweet Ride Best of Compliation

She Cries your Name – Beth Orton (1996) from the LP Trailer Park

Message Personal (Arab Strap Remix) – Dot Allison (1999) from the LP Afterglow

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