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vs pod #6

It is amazing what you find when think a) you have ripped your entire CD collection like thirteen years ago and b) you CLEARLY DIDN’T. I remember carrying thousands of discs into work and copying between classes, bringing them home on very early USB sticks. And then, losing half of them! So, vs pod this week goes back into the CD collection, with a random selection of about 50 CDs that I forced myself to make a set. The end result is this show, with at least twenty records left on the pile because we had no space on the podcast. So, enjoy this journey between Bowie and Lulu, Iggy, Sonic Youth, Soundgarden and all spaces in-between. It was a blast.

The Man Who Sold the World – Lulu
Search and Destroy (Live) – Iggy and the Stooges
Titanium Exposure – Sonic Youth
Spoonman – Soundgarden
Filipino Box Spring Hog -Tom Waits
Sometimes Always – The Jesus and Mary Chain
Five String Serenade – Mazzy Star
Trust – Jessica Bailiff
Home is where you hang yourself – Her Space Holiday
You’re So Good – Joy Zipper
Fourteen – Cranes
Love is a Battlefield – Pollyanna
No Surprises – Even
High Chair – You Am I
Trust – Tall Tales and True

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