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vs pod #7

I don’t know how but this show seems to be becoming obsessed with the nineties. It wasn’t the intention of the show when I started. But with each passing podcast we get deeper and deeper into the forgotten gems of the indie era (with the occasional indulgences into other tomes, spaces and places).

On this show we rediscover a bunch of tracks that were ripped off CD before I moved overseas and never quite found their way into various Apple devices for portable listening. On this show we celebrate music from nineties indie queens like Julie Doiron, Kristin Hersh, Madder Rose and Heather Nova, tracks from the Great Expectations soundtrack (yes the one featuring a young Gwyneth Paltrow), two rare songs from Duluth legends Low, British Gloriana from Gomez, the Kinks and the Bonzos and Death Cab for Cutie twice over. I hope it’s a fun journey of discovery, of memory, of listening and transition.

Oh, and the intro for the show will always be an extract from the amazing lead track on the Kelly Lee Owens LP Inner Song called Arpeggi, which is a Radiohead cover from the In Rainbows. Yes, I mentioned Radiohead. One day I will become my wife


Julie Doiron – Dance Music
Kristin Hersh – Slippershell
Bored Spires – Summer
Madder Rose – Panic On
Rose Chronicles – Glide (Free Above)
Low – Remember (alternate version)
Low – Murderer (10” version)
Chris Cornell – Sunshower
Fisher – Breakable
Wild Strawberries – Pretty Lip
Heather Nova – Walk this World
Gomez – Get Miles
The Kinks – Sunny Afternoon
Bonzo Dog Doo-Dah Band – Death Cab for Cutie
Death Cab for Cutie – Bend to Squares

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