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vs pod #8 : A Fistful of Yoko

OK, this is a show for the fans. I have gone deep to find a set of linked, aligned, inspired by and featuring the incomparable talents of Yoko Ono. I am not going to defend my love of Yoko. I think she is amazing, inspirational and one of the most creative souls ever to live on this planet. And artists like Low, Pet Shop Boys, Jason Pierce and John Lennon agree. Not everything here is by Yoko, but she has inspired all of this. So simply enjoy it. I have. So should you.

Rising – Yoko Ono
Don’t Worry Kyoko (Mummy’s Only Looking for Her Hand in the Snow) – Yoko Ono
Hatchet – Low
Fly (King Britt’s Fhloston Paradigm Remix) – Low
Walking on Thin Ice (Pet Shop Boys) – Yoko Ono
Hot Topic – Le Tigre
Sisters o Sisters – Yoko Ono with Le Tigre
Walking on Thin Ice – Yoko Ono with Spiritualized
Come Together (Live) – Spiritualized
I won’t be your Yoko Ono – Dar Williams
Nobody Sees Me Like You Do – Rosanne Cash
The Ballad of John and Yoko (Acoustic) – The Beatles
Hiroshima Sky is Always Blue – Yoko Ono and Paul McCartney

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