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vs pod #9: around the world, around the world

On this episode of vs pod we take it global, when all we can do physically is stay local, very local in the case of the emerging Omicron. So, I have delved deep into compiles to find this funky smattering of global funky beats, majestic voices and a cavalcade of different languages, accents, instruments and lyrics with one thing in common: being beatastic. Yes, that’s a word. I am an academic, I am allowed to make up words. I ain’t Professor Dr Dj Ringfinger for nothing. So some of this stuff comes from compilations, others from recent RSD releases and a smattering for the original vinyl. Does it matter which?

Everything I do gonna be funky – O’Donel Levy (United States)
Dar Kunj Dilam Eshqi Kasi – Ahmad Zahir (Afghanistan)
Psychedelia – X’Lents (India)
Sitar Beat – Klaus Doldinger (Germany)
Open and Close – Fela Ransome-Kuti (Nigeria)
Ideja – Marijan Kašaj (Yugoslavia)
Soul Meeting – Gianni Dell’orso and Gianni Oddi (Italy)
Baby Consuelo – Novos Baianos (Brazil)
Haces Mal Pobre Chico – Zulú (Peru)
Oxymoron – Guru Guru (Germany)
Cutting the Funk – Danny Edwardson / Seamus Sell (UK)
Johnny Guitar – Soul Dance Music (Hong Kong)
Kamen Rider – Shunsuke Kikuchi (Japan)
Dr. Solutsu – Basa Basa Soundz Feat. Fela Kuti (Ghana)
Materia Prima – Igor Wakhevitch (France)








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