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vs pod #11 : Little Earthquakes

Welcome to the eleventh podcast for VS Pod (well at least since our cleaning up and rebranding, yes, we were once quite smutty in our youth). On this show we break out the nineties and early 2000s vibes once again, featuring tracks from the archives of amazing singer/songwriters, female fronted bands, some fondly remembered, others forgotten in the dark recesses of our brains.

Tori Amos – Precious Things (alternative mix) (from the Tori Amos – A Piano box set released in 2006)

Tori Amos – Upside Down (b-side to Winter, released in 1991)

Tori Amos – Thank You (Led Zeppelin cover, released as a b-side to Crucify in 1992)

Sarah Slean – Climbing up the Walls (Radiohead cover, released on the Universe LP in 1998)

Emm Gryner – Song 2 (Blur cover, released on the Girl Versions LP in 2001)

Heather Nova – Like a Hurricane (Neil Young cover, released as a b-side to the Truth and Bone single, 1996)

Containe – Why Why Why (from the 1996 LP, Only Cowards Walk Like Cowards)

Ladytron – Destroy Everything You Touch (from the The Witching Hour LP, released in 2005)

Bat for Lashes – The Wizard (from the LP Fur and Gold, released in 2006)

Feist – One Two Three Four (from the LP The reminder, released in 2007)

Tattle Tale – Glass Vase Cello Case (originally from the soundtrack of But, I’m a Cheerleader, 1999 and the Sew True LP, released in 1995)

Elysian Fields – Black Acres (released on Queen of the Meadow in 2000)

Laura Veirs – Galaxies (from her Year of Meteors LP released in 2005)

Meanwhile, Back in Communist Russia – Chinese Lantern (from the LP My Elixir, My Poison released in 2003)

Jawbox -Cornflake Girl (released as a hidden track on the self-titled LP released in 1996)

Tori Amos – Losing My Religion (an REM cover (obvs) from the Higher Learning soundtrack, released in 1995)



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